Statement from Community Care of West Virginia on COVID-19

It is the policy of Community Care of West Virginia to take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of communicable disease. In relation to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), we are taking precautionary steps to ensure our patients’ comfort and to prevent the spread of the virus if it does reach our communities.

In the instance of an outbreak, we will plan to continue to operate all clinics during normal office hours. However, personnel and resources may be shifted between locations in order to best serve our communities demonstrating the highest need. During this time, we will enact additional measures that will minimize exposure to other patents, visitors and staff. This will include screening of symptoms over the phone, additional alerts, notices and instructions for proper hygiene and etiquette, separation of potentially symptomatic patients from other patients, dedicated equipment, and identification of essential personnel designated to treat potentially infected persons.

At this time, we have not administered any tests for COVID-19 at any of our locations. Community Care of West Virginia operates fifteen (15) community health center locations, fifty-three (53) school-based health sites, eight (8) 340(b) pharmacies, and one (1) dental office.