Splashers win home dual meet against Grafton

TENNERTON – With almost their full squads back intact, the Buckhannon Splashers returned to their winning ways here last Thursday at the high school pool in a dual meet with the Grafton Gators.

The girls won by a 162-93 decision while the boys won easily by a 208-61 score.

On the girls’ side, they won 25 events.

Picking up individual wins in the oldest division, the 15-to-18-year-olds, were Cameron Zuliani getting three and McKenzie Reynolds two.

Zuliani won the 50-meter butterfly, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter breaststroke while Reynolds won the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter freestyle.

The foursome of Reynolds, Lillian Fetty, Sam Squires and Zuliani won the mixed 200-meter freestyle and the 200-meter medley relay events.

Fetty won two events in the 13-14-year-old division, claiming the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter freestyle.

Ava Lantz won all three of her events in the 11-12-year-old division, taking the 50-meter backstroke, the 50-meter breaststroke and the 100-meter freestyle.

The 9-10-year-olds won four championships, two individual and two relay events.

Baylee Stalnaker won the 25-meter backstroke while Karson Karickhoff claimed the 25-meter butterfly.

The mixed quartet of Stalnaker, Karickhoff, Lena Rose Walker and Brody Jeran won the 100-meter freestyle and medley relate events.

In the U8 division, Adelynn Anderson won all three of her events, the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter butterfly and the 50-meter freestyle.

The foursome of Anderson, Kara Hildreth, Brody Jeran and Berkeley Jeran won the mixed 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter medley relay events.

In the U6 division, Berkeley Jeran won the 25-backstroke, the 25-meter butterfly and the 50-meter freestyle while Hildreth won the 25-meter freestyle.

The boys won 26 events.

Sam Squires won all three of his events in the 15-18-year-old division taking first in the 50-meter butterfly, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter breaststroke.

The 13-14-year-old division won six events.

Blake Roessing won two events, the 50-meter butterfly and the 200-meter IM while Preston Bennett won two events as well, the 100-meter backstroke and the 100-meter breaststroke, and Connor Wood took first in the 200-meter freestyle.

The quartet of Roessing, Bennett, Gavin Bender and Aiden Bender won the 200-meter freestyle and the 200-meter medley relays.

Carter Zuliani won three events in the 11-12-year-old division claiming the 50-meter butterfly, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter freestyle while Jeremy Allman took first in the 50-meter backstroke.

Allman, Zuliani, Mylo Snyder and Ava Lantz won the mixed 200-meter freestyle and medley relays.

Seven victories were secured by the 9-10-year-old division.

Brody Jeran won three events, the 25-meter butterfly, the 25-meter freestyle and the 100-meter IM and Clay Lantz took two events, the 25-meter backstroke and the 50-meter freestyle.

Riley Bender, Daniel Stalnaker, Mason Lantz and Clay Lantz won both the 100-meter freestyle and medley relays.

Jackson Richards won the lone individual event for the U8 division taking the 25-meter backstroke.

The foursome of Tristan Bailey, Landon Wright, Parker Bennett and Richards won both the 100-meter freestyle and the 100-meter medley relays.

The Splashers will wrap up their regular season Tuesday at Bridgeport.

The meet will start at 6:30 p.m.

The Splashers will then compete in the two-day NCWVC Championships in Shinnston this Friday and Saturday.



Buckhannon 162               Grafton 93

U6 25-meter backstroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 30.43); Kara Hildreth (2nd, 55.21).

U6 25-meter butterfly – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 32.33); Kara Hildreth (2nd, 48.32).

U6 25-meter freestyle – Kara Hildreth (1st, 42.20).

U6 50-meter freestyle – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 45.36).

U8 25-meter backstroke – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 29.83).

U8 25-meter butterfly – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 38.04).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 1:05.54).

U8 (mixed) 100-meter freestyle relay – Adelynn Anderson, Kara Hildreth, Brody Jeran, Berkeley Jeran (1st, 2:03.76).

U8 100-meter medley relay – Adelynn Anderson, Brody Jeran, Berkeley Jeran, Kara Hildreth (1st, 2:35.79).

9-10 25-meter backstroke – Baylee Stalnaker (1st, 24.40); Lena Rose Walker (2nd, 28.86).

9-10 25-meter breaststroke – Karson Karickhoff (2nd, 28.56); Lena Rose Walker (4th, 32.21).

9-10 25-meter butterfly – Karson Karickhoff (1st, 28.49); Baylee Stalnaker (2nd, 33.27).

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Baylee Stalnaker (2nd, 19.95); Lena Rose Walker (4th, 22.95).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Karson Karickhoff (3rd, 54.40).

9-10 (mixed) 100-meter freestyle relay – Baylee Stalnaker, Karson Karickhoff, Lena Rose Walker, Brody Jeran) (1st, 1:26.44).

9-10 100-meter medley relay – Brody Jeran, Karson Karickhoff, Baylee Stalanker, Lena Rose Walker (1st, 1:45.67).

11-12 50-meter backstroke – Ava Lantz (1st, 48.23).

11-12 50-meter breaststroke – Ava Lantz (1st, 52.51).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Ava Lantz (1st, 1:25.65).

13-14 50-meter breaststroke – Lillian Fetty (2nd, 1:58.74).

13-14 100-meter backstroke – Lillian Fetty (1st, 1:30.56).

13-14 200-meter freestyle – Lilian Fetty (1st, 2:46.52).

15-18 50-meter butterfly – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 1:13.41).

15-18 50-meter freestyle – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 30.55); McKenzie Reynolds (2nd, 33.14).

15-18 100-meter breaststroke – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 1:29.38).

15-18 100-meter backstroke – McKenzie Reynolds (1st, 1:31.02).

15-18 200-meter freestyle – McKenzie Reynolds (1st, 2:53.09).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – McKenzie Reynolds, Lillian Fetty, Sam Squires, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:06.42).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter medley relay – Lillian Fetty, Sam Squires, Cameron Zuliani, McKenzie Reynolds (1st, 2:31.06).


Buckhannon 208                                                                     Grafton 61

U8 25-meter backstroke – Jackson Richards (1st, 28.03); Landon Wright (3rd, 31.47); Brody Wright (4th, 32.09).

U8 25-meter breaststroke – Jackson Richards (2nd, 30.57); Parker Bennett (4th, 38.22); Tristan Bailey (5th, 45.46).

U8 25-meter butterfly – Jackson Richard (2nd, 32.22); Landon Wright (3rd, 35.53); Tristan Bailey (4th, 54.48).

U8 25-meter freestyle – Brody Wright (2nd, 29.62); Parker Bennett (3rd, 33.68); Tristan Bailey (4th, 48.15).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Landon Wright (2nd, 55.35); Parker Bennett (3rd, 1:08.30); Brody Wright (4th, 1:19.33).

U8 100-meter freestyle relay – Tristan Bailey, Landon Wright, Parker Bennett, Jackson Richards (1st, 1:48.52).

U8 100-meter medley relay – Landon Wright, Tristan Bailey, Jackson Richards, Parker Bennett (1st, 2:34.55).

9-10 25-meter backstroke – Clay Lantz (1st, 27.28); Mason Lantz (2nd, 34.93); Noah Smallridge (3rd, 40.76).

9-10 25-meter breaststroke – Clay Lantz (2nd, 27.71); Riley Bender (3rd, 31.91); Daniel Stalnaker (4th, 34.95).

9-10 25-meter butterfly – Brody Jeran (1st, 22.35); Mason Lantz (2nd, 25.77); Riley Bender (3rd, 36.20).

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 16.27); Daniel Stalnaker (3rd, 25.57); Noah Smallridge (5th, 29.61).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Clay Lantz (1st, 45.46); Mason Lantz (3rd, 49.57); Noah Smallridge (5th, 1:06.25).

9-10 100-meter IM – Brody Jeran (1st, 1:46.98); Riley Bender (2nd, 2:12.88); Daniel Stalnaker (3rd, 2:30.20).

9-10 100-meter freestyle relay – Riley Bender, Daniel Stalnaker, Mason Lantz, Clay Lantz (1st, 2:42.57).

9-10 100-meter medley relay – Clay Lantz, Daniel Stalnaker, Riley Bender, Mason Lantz (1st, 2:11.56).

11-12 50-meter backstroke – Jeremy Allman (1st, 49.80); Mylo Snyder (3rd, 1:06.03).

11-12 50-meter breaststroke – Jeremy Allman (2nd, 51.51).

11-12 50-meter butterfly – Carter Zuliani (1st, 37.46).

11-12 50-meter freestyle – Carter Zuliani (1st, 30.65); Jeremy Allman (2nd, 36.34); Mylo Snyder (4th, 51.53).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Carter Zuliani (1st, 1:12.59); Mylo Snyder (2nd, 1:59.53).

11-12 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Jeremy Allman, Mylo Snyder, Ava Lantz, Carter Zuliani (1st, 2:42.57).

11-12 (mixed) 200-meter medley relay – Mylo Snyder, Ava Lantz, Carter Zuliani, Jeremy Allman (1st, 3:19.26).

13-14 50-meter butterfly – Blake Roessing (1st, 31.94); Gavin Bender (2nd, 48.09).

13-14 50-meter freestyle – Connor Wood (2nd, 36.69); Aiden Bender (3rd, 41.83).

13-14 100-meter backstroke – Preston Bennett (1st, 1:11.92); Blake Roessing (2nd, 1:20.95); Aiden Bender (4th, 2:09.55).

13-14 100-meter breaststroke – Preston Bennett (1st, 1:27.89); Gavin Bender (3rd, 1:53.03); Connor Wood (4th, 1:55.66).

13-14 200-meter freestyle – Connor Wood (1st, 3:06.76); Gavin Bender (2nd, 3:10.45).

13-14 200-meter IM – Blake Roessing (1st, 3:08.74); Aiden Bender (2nd, 3:56.15).

13-14 200-meter freestyle relay – Blake Roessing, Aiden Bender, Gavin Bender, Preston Bennett (1st, 2:19.77).

13-14 200-meter medley relay – Preston Bennet, Gavin Bender, Blake Roessing, Aiden Bender (1st, 2:41.20).

15-18 50-meter butterfly – Sam Squires (1st, 33.26).

15-18 50-meter freestyle – Sam Squires (1st, 28.19).

15-18 100-meter breaststroke – Sam Squires (1st, 1:20.76).


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