Splashers win 26 events in debut against Elkins

ELKINS – The Buckhannon Swim Club Splashers opened their 2019 season with a dual meet against Elkins on Tuesday.

The girls won 11 events in their opener, 10 individual events and one relay.

Cadence Vincent won three events in the 13-14-year old division taking first in the 50-yard backstroke, the 100-yard freestyle and the 100-yard IM.

Alayna Whitehair also recorded a win in the same age group taking first in the 50-yard butterfly.

Mallory Hughes earned the lone 11-12-year-old division win taking first in the 50-yard freestyle.

Aubry Shay brought home a win in the U8 division taking the 25-yard butterfly.

The Splashers made it a sweep in the U6 division with Berkley Jeran winning three events, the 25-yard backstroke, the 25-yard butterfly and the 50-yard freestyle, while Hazel Malone won the 25-yard breaststroke.

The 13-14-year-old relay team of Whitehair, Conner Wood, Lillian Fetty and Vincent won the mixed 200-yard freestyle.

On the boys side, they claimed 15 events, 14 individual and one relay.

Stephen Groves took three events in the 15-18-year-old group winning the 50-yard backstroke, the 50-yard butterfly and the 100-yard IM.

The Splashers won five events in the 13-14-year-old division.

Preston Bennett won three events, the 50-yard butterfly, the 100-yard IM, and the 100-yard freestyle while Wood won the 50-yard freestyle and the 50-yard backstroke.

Brody Jeran won two races in the 9-10-year-old division in the 25-yard backstroke and the 50-yard freestyle while Daniel Stalnaker took first in the 100-yard IM.

Clay Lantz added two victories in the U8 division claiming the 25-yard backstroke and the 25-yard freestyle while Mason Lantz won the 25-yard butterfly.

The relay win went to the 13-14-year-old foursome of Aiden Bender, Gavin Bender, Jack Malone and Hayden Smith in the mixed 200-yard freestyle event.

The Splashers were scheduled to return to the pool Thursday at home against the Bridgeport Swim Team.

They will return to action Tuesday against Club Mountaineer at 5 p.m.



(Mixed) 9-10 100-yard freestyle relay – Baylee Stalnaker, Lena Rose Walker, Norah Malone, Riley Bender (3rd, 1:33.66).

(Mixed) 9-10 100-yard medley relay – Baylee Stalnaker, Lena Rose Walker, Norah Malone, Riley Bender (3rd, 1:50.07).

(Mixed) 11-12 200-yard freestyle – Mallory Hughes, Riley Vincent, Ava Lantz, Sammie Shay (2nd, 2:11.12).

(Mixed) 11-12 200-yard medley relay – Mallory Hughes, Riley Vincent, Ava Lantz, Sammie Shay (2nd, 2:34.32).

(Mixed) 13-14 200-yard freestyle – Alayna Whitehair, Conner Wood, Lillian Fetty, Cadence Vincent (1st, 1:54.85).

(Mixed) – 13-14 200-yard medley – Lillian Fetty, Alayna Whitehair, Cadence Vincent, Conner Wood (2nd, 2:13.70).

U6 25-yard backstroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 25.19); Hazel Malone (2nd, 43.45).

U6 25-yard breaststroke – Hazel Malone (1st, 59.73).

U6 25-yard butterfly – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 32.78).

U6 50-yard freestyle – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 54.37); Hazel Malone (2nd, 1:22.89).

U8 25-yard butterfly – Aubry Shay (1st, 22.14).

U8 25-yard freestyle – Aubry Shay (2nd, 18.01).

U8 50-yard freestyle – Aubry Shay (2nd, 41.20).

9-10 25-yard backstroke – Baylee Stalnaker (3rd, 23.30); Norah Malone (5th, 28.79).

9-10 25-yard breaststroke – Lena Rose Walker (4th, 32.96).

9-10 25-yard butterfly – Norah Malone (4th, 39.32).

9-10 50-yard freestyle – Baylee Stalnaker (4th, 40.97); Lena Rose Walker (5th, 52.56); Norah Malone (6th, 56.08).

9-10 100-yard IM – Baylee Stalnaker (3rd, 2:06.69); Lena Rose Walker (5th, 2:09.85).

11-12 50-yard backstroke – Sammie Shay (2nd, 40.54).

11-12 50-yard breaststroke – Mallory Hughes (3rd, 46.61); Ava Lantz (5th, 48.97).

11-12 50-yard butterfly – Riley Vincent (2nd, 33.00).

11-12 50-yard freestyle – Mallory Hughes (1st, 32.61); Sammie Shay (3rd, 36.20).

11-12 100-yard freestyle – Riley Vincent (2nd, 1:05.56); Ava Lantz (3rd, 1:16.84); Mallory Hughes (4th, 1:20.29).

11-12-yard IM – Riley Vincent (2nd, 1:13.64); Sammie Shay (4th, 1:33.61).

13-14 50-yard backstroke – Cadence Vincent (1st, 28.44); Lillian Fetty (3rd, 36.58).

13-14 50-yard butterfly – Alayna Whitehair (1st, 30.56).

13-14 50-yard freestyle – Lillian Fetty (3rd, 29.87).

13-14 100-yard freestyle – Cadence Vincent (1st, 54.40); Alayna Whitehair (2nd, 1:01.81); Lillian Fetty (3rd, 1:07.31).

13-14 100-yard IM – Cadence Vincent (1st, 1:03.88); Alayna Whitehair (2nd, 1:08.84).


(Mixed) U8 100-yard freestyle relay – Parker Bennett, Tristan Bailey, Daniel Stalnaker, Troy Jackson (2nd, 1:34.16); Gareth Shay, Mason Lantz, Clay Lantz, Berkeley Jeran (3rd, 1:36.23).

(Mixed) U8 11-yard medley relay -- Parker Bennet, Tristan Bailey, Daniel Stalnaker, Aubry Shay (2nd, 1:57.97).

(Mixed) 13-14 200-yard freestyle – Aiden Bender, Gavin Bender, Jack Malone, Hayden Smith (1st, 2:43.60).

(Mixed) 15-18 200-yard freestyle relay – Stephen Groves, Rhet Ammons, Dane Ammons, Preston Bennett (2nd, 1:56.51).

(Mixed) 15-18 200-yard medley relay – Dane Ammons, Stephen Groves, Preston Bennett, Rhet Ammons (2nd, 2:13.62).

U8 25-yard backstroke – Clay Lantz (1st, 22.70); Mason Lantz (3rd, 27.50); Tristan Bailey (5th, 35.70).

U8 25-yard breaststroke – Parker Bennett (3rd, 32.56); Tristan Bailey (4th, 46.62).

U8 25-yard butterfly – Mason Lantz (1st, 23.76) Clay Lantz (2nd, 24.79); Parker Bennett (5th, 37.15).

U8 25-yard freestyle – Clay Lantz (1st, 19.00); Mason Lantz (2nd, 19.79); Gareth Shay (5th, 23.54).

U8 50-yard freestyle – Parker Bennett (4th, 57.42); Gareth Shay (5th, 1:00.55); Tristan Bailey (6th, 1:14.45).

9-10 25-yard backstroke – Brody Jeran (1st, 19.23); Noah Smallridge (5th, 36.54).

9-10 25-yard breaststroke – Brody Jeran (3rd, 30.06); Daniel Stalnaker (5th, 33.56).

9-10 25-yard freestyle – Noah Smallridge (3rd, 33.95).

9-10 50-yard freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 33.90); Daniel Stalnaker (4th, 52.66).

9-10 100-yard IM – Daniel Stalnaker (1st, 2:33.58).

11-12 50-yard breaststroke – Jeremy Allman (2nd, 51.89).

11-12 50-yard butterfly – Jeremy Allman (3rd, 57.47).

11-12 100-yard IM – Jeremy Allman (3rd, 1:43.97).

13-14 50-yard backstroke – Conner Wood (1st, 43.55); Gavin Bender (2nd, 44.37); Aiden Bender (4th, 50.67).

13-14 50-yard breaststroke – Aiden Bender (2nd, 48.10); Gavin Bender (3rd, 52.92).

13-14 50-yard butterfly – Preston Bennett (1st, 30.03); Aiden Bender (2nd, 49.46); Jack Malone (3rd, 58.05).

13-14 50-yard freestyle – Conner Wood (1st, 35.29); Jack Malone (2nd, 40.00); Hayden Smith (3rd, 40.66).

13-14 100-yard IM – Preston Bennett (1st, 1:06.72); Gavin Bender (3rd, 1:39.58); Hayden Smith (4th, 1:50.48).

13-14 100-yard freestyle – Preston Bennett (1st, 57.95); Conner Wood (3rd, 1:15.94); Hayden Smith (4th, 1:29.12).

15-18 50-yard backstroke --- Rhet Ammons (3rd, 46.26).

15-18 50-yard breaststroke – Stephen Groves (1st, 34.80).

50-yard butterfly – Stephen Groves (1st, 28.51).

15-18 50-yard freestyle – Rhet Ammons (3rd, 38.33).

15-18 100-yard freestyle – Dane Ammons (3rd, 1:04.53); Rhet Ammons (4th, 1:24.60).

15-18 100-yard IM – Stephen Groves (1st, 1:05.75).


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