Splashers tumble to Bridgeport in road dual meet

Ava Lantz of the Buckhannon Splashers won the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 1:25.80 in the 11-12-year-old division in their final regular season meet of the year last Tuesday against the Bridgeport Swim Team. She took runner-up honors in the 50-meter freestyle. The girls dropped a 212-147 verdict to Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT – The Buckhannon Swim Club Splashers came up just short in their final dual meet of the season last Tuesday against the Bridgeport Swim Team.

The girls lost a 212-147 decision while the boys dropped a 219-154 verdict.

The short-handed girls won 23 of the 26 events they entered.

In the 15-18-year-old division, Cameron Zuliani won all three of her individual events, the 50-meter freestyle, the 50-meter butterfly and the 100-meter breaststroke, while Jenny Williams claimed first in the 200-meter IM.

Zuliani and Williams, along with  Rhett Ammons and Lillian Fetty won the mixed 200-meter freestyle and the medley relay events.

Fetty took two events in the 13-14-year-old division winning the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter backstroke.

Four events were won by the girls in the 11-12-year-old division.

Mallory Hughes won the 50-meter breaststroke and the 50-meter freestyle, Ava Lantz took the 100-meter freestyle and Sammie Shay claimed the 100-meter IM.

In the 9-10-year-old division, Karson Karickhoff won the 25-meter breaststroke and the 50-meter freestyle.

Aubry Shay made it a clean sweep winning all three of her events in the U8 division, the 25-meter breaststroke, the 25-meter freestyle and the 50-meter freestyle.

Berkeley Jeran also won all three of her events in the U6 division, claiming the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter breaststroke and the 25-meter freestyle.

On the boys’ side, they won 18 of their 28 events.

Five events were won by the 13-14-year-old boys.

Preston Bennett won three events, the 50-meter freestyle, the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter IM, while Blake Roessing won the 50-meter butterfly and the 200-meter freestyle.

Carter Zuliani won all three of his events in the 11-12-year-old division taking the 50-meter butterfly, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter freestyle.

Brody Jeran won three events in the 9-10-year-old division, the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter butterfly and the 25-meter freestyle, while Riley Bender won the 50-meter freestyle.

The foursome of Bender, Jeran, Mason Lantz and Aubry Shay were victorious in both the mixed 100-meter freestyle and medley relays.

The U8 boys picked up five wins.

Gareth Shay won three events, the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter butterfly and the 25-meter freestyle while Jackson Richards took first in the 25-meter breaststroke while the quartet of Parker Bennett, Richards, Gareth Shay and Berkeley Jeran won the 100-meter freestyle relay.

The Splashers were slated to conclude their season this past weekend in the two-day North Central West Virginia Championships in Shinnston.

Check out Wednesday or Friday’s edition of The Record Delta for the state championship results.



Bridgeport 212      Buckhannon 147

U6 25-meter backstroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 33.91)

U6 25-meter breaststroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 36.57).

U6 25-meter freestyle – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 31.44)

U8 25-meter breaststroke – Aubry Shay (1st, 29.85).

U8 25-meter freestyle – Aubry Shay (1st, 21.38).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Aubry Shay (1st, 45.04).

9-10 25-meter breaststroke – Karson Karickhoff (1st, 27.37).

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Karson Karickhoff (2nd, 22.01).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Karson Karickhoff (1st, 54.02)

11-12 50-meter backstroke – Sammie Shay (2nd, 45.25); Ava Lantz (3rd, 47.44).

11-12 50-meter breaststroke – Mallory Hughes (1st, 49.44); Sammie Shay (2nd, 49.66).

11-12 50-meter freestyle – Mallory Hughes (1st, 37.02); Ava Lantz (2nd, 38.30).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Ava Lantz (1st, 1:25.80); Mallory Hughes (2nd, 1:32.44)

11-12 100-meter IM – Sammie Shay (1st, 1:36.42).

13-14 50-meter butterfly – Lillian Fetty (2nd, 42.66).

13-14 50-meter freestyle – Lillian Fetty (1st, 36.03).

13-14 100-meter backstroke – Lillian Fetty (1st, 1;32.39).

15-18 50-meter freestyle – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 29.84).

15-18 50-meter butterfly – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 32.79); Jenny Williams (2nd, 39.92).

15-18 100-meter breaststroke – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 1:26.44); Jenny Williams (3rd, 1:32.18).

15-18 200-meter IM – Jenny Williams (1st, 3:01.16).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Rhett Ammons, Jenny Williams, Lillian Fetty, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:24.71).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter medley relay – Rhett Ammons, Jenny Williams, Lillian Fetty, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:58.62).



Bridgeport 219      Buckhannon 154

U8 25-meter backstroke – Gareth Shay (1st, 29.44); Jackson Richards (2nd, 32.70).

U8 25-meter breaststroke – Jackson Richards (1st, 34.66); Gareth Shay (2nd, 35.31); Parker Bennett (4th, 37.07).

U8 25-meter butterfly – Gareth Shay (1st, 25.10); Parker Bennett (2nd, 25.50).

U8 25-meter freestyle – Gareth Shay (1st, 25.10); Parker Bennett (2nd, 25.50).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Jackson Richards (3rd, 51.34); Parker Bennett (5th, 1:08.81).

U8 (mixed) 100-meter freestyle relay – Parker Bennett, Jackson Richards, Gareth Shay, Berkeley Jeran (1st, 1:42.97).

U8 (mixed) 100-meter medley relay – Gareth Shay, Jackson Richards, Berkeley Jeran, Parker Bennett (2nd, 2:14.04).

9-10 25-meter backstroke – Brody Jeran (1st, 21.80); Clay Lantz (2nd, 25.89).

9-10 25-meter breaststroke – Riley Bender (3rd, 28.62); Clay Lantz (4th, 29.15).

9-10 25-meter butterfly – Brody Jeran (1st, 21.36); Mason Lantz (2nd, 25.09); Kenton Stump (6th, 33.00)

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 15.28); Clay Lantz (2nd, 20.19); Mason Lantz (5th, 25.15).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Riley Bender (1st, 48.07); Kenton Stump (3rd, 54.59).

9-10 100-meter freestyle relay – Riley Bender, Mason Lantz, Brody Jeran, Aubry Shay (1st, 1:22.26).

9-10 100-meter medley relay – Brody Jeran, Riley Bender, Mason Lantz, Aubry Shay (1st, 1:43.28).

11-12 50-meter butterfly – Carter Zuliani (1st, 37.02).

11-12 50-meter freestyle – Carter Zuliani (1st, 30.81).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Carter Zuliani (1st, 1:11.00).

13-14 50-meter butterfly – Blake Roessing (1st, 30.68); Aiden Bender (2nd, 46.10).

13-14 50-meter freestyle – Preston Bennett (1st, 29.00); Connor Wood (2nd, 34.92); Aiden Bender (3rd, 38.40).

13-14 100-meter backstroke – Preston Bennett (1st, 1:12.16); Blake Roessing (2nd, 1:22.69); Gavin Bender (3rd, 1:47.97).

13-14 100-meter breaststroke – Aiden Bender (2nd, 1:49.62); Gavin Bender (3rd, 1:53.50); Connor Wood (4th, 1:56.98).

13-14 200-meter freestyle – Blake Roessing (1st, 2:39.00); Gavin Bender (2nd, 3:15.34).

13-14 200-meter IM – Preston Bennett (1st, 2:43.69).

15-18 50-meter butterfly – Sam Squires (3rd, 32.28); Dane Ammons (4th, 38.38).

15-18 100-meter breaststroke – Sam Squires (2nd, 1:19.71).

15-18 100-meter backstroke – Sam Squires (3rd, 1:21.82); Dane Ammons (4th, 1:26.28).

15-18 200-meter freestyle – Dane Ammons (4th, 2:49.65).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Dane Ammons, Sam Squires, Blake Roessing, Cameron Zuliani (2nd, 1:58.14).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter medley relay – Dane Ammons, Sam Squires, Blake Roessing, Preston Bennett (2nd, 2:17.00).

(Note: There were some discrepancies, especially with incorrect information on some relay teams and the 9-10-year-old boys division, from the official Bridgeport scoring. If any results are listed wrongly, they were taken straight from the official scoring page).


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