Splashers sweep Barbour County in home meet

Aubry Shay of the Buckhannon Splashers won three events against Barbour County in their home meet Thursday at the high school pool. Shay won the U8 25-meter butterfly and the 50-meter freestyle and 9-10 100-meter IM. The Buckhannon girls beat Barbour County by a 154-117 score.

TENNERTON – There have been two constants this year with the Buckhannon Splashers.

One, it is going to rain and storm on them, and two, they are going to win.

That was the case again for the Splashers as they competed against Barbour County last Thursday at the high school pool.

They were only able to get 75 percent of the meet in as storms moved through the area.

The boys defeated Barbour County by a 150-101 score while the girls won, 154-117.

On the boys’ side, they won 20 of the 25 events that were completed.

In the 15-18-year old division, the boys won five events.

Dane Ammons and Stephen Groves each won two a piece.

Ammons won the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter freestyle while Groves won the 100-meter backstroke and the 50-meter freestyle.

The foursome of Blake Roessing, Rhet Ammons, Dane Ammons and Cameron Zuliani won the mixed 200-meter freestyle relay.

In the 13-14-year-old division, Preston Bennett claimed three wins while Roessing brought home one.

Bennett won the 50-meter backstroke, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter IM while Roessing won the 200-meter freestyle.

Jeremy Allman won a trio of events in the 11-12-year old division, taking first in the 50-meter breaststroke, the 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter freestyle.

Brody Jeran won two events in the 9-10-year-old division.

He won the 25-meter backstroke and the 25-meter freestyle.

The U8 boys cleaned up with six wins.

Gareth Shay won the 25-meter backstroke, Jackson Richards won the 25-meter breaststroke, Mason Lantz won the 25-meter butterfly, Clay Lantz won the 50-meter butterfly and the foursome of Gareth Shay, Aubry Shay, Mason Lantz and Clay Lantz won the 100-meter freestyle relay event.

The girls were triumphant in 22 of their 27 events.

In the 15-18-year-old division, the ladies won five events.

Cameron Zuliani claimed the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter IM while Jenny Williams won the 100-meter breaststroke and the 200-meter freestyle.

The foursome of Stephen Groves, Williams, Vincent and Zuliani won the mixed 200-meter freestyle relay event.

In the 13-14-year-old division, Cadence Vincent won the 100-meter backstroke and the 200-meter IM while the foursome of Sammie Shay, Ava Lantz, Connor Wood and Riley Vincent won the 200-meter freestyle relay.

Lantz and Shay each won an event in the 11-12-year-old division.

Lantz won the 50-meter backstroke while Shay won the 50-meter freestyle.

The 9-10-year-old girls won four events.

Karson Karickhoff won the 25-meter breaststroke, Lena Rose Walker won the 25-meter freestyle, Aubry Shay won the 100-meter IM and the quartet of Norah Malone, Baylee Stalnaker, Walker and Karickhoff won the 100-meter freestyle relay.

Berkeley Jeran won three events in the U6 Division – the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter breaststroke and the 50-meter freestyle while Kara Hildreth won the 25-meter butterfly and Hazel Malone won the 25-meter freestyle.

Both teams will swim again Tuesday at Fairmont with the meet starting at 6:30 p.m.



Buckhannon 150           Barbour 101

U8 25-meter backstroke – Gareth Shay (1st, 30.43); Mason Lantz (2nd, 31.42); Landon Wright (3rd, 33.03).

U8 25-meter breaststroke – Jackson Richards (1st, 33.88); Parker Bennett (2nd, 36.48); Tristan Bailey (3rd, 43.58).

U8 25-meter butterfly – Mason Lantz (1st, 25.88); Clay Lantz (2nd, 29.69); Gareth Shay (3rd, 35.74).

U8 25-meter freestyle – Landon Wright (1st, 27.71); Parker Bennett (2nd, 29.03); Tristan Bailey (5th, 30.84).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Clay Lantz (1st, 49.51); Gareth Shay (2nd, 1:02.10); Parker Bennett (3rd, 1:05.83).

U8 (mixed) 100-meter freestyle relay – Gareth Shay, Aubry Shay, Mason Lantz, Clay Lantz, (1st, 1:35.69); Tristan Bailey, Adelynn Anderson, Jackson Richards, Parker Bennett (2nd, 1:54.09).

9-10 25-meter backstroke – Brody Jeran (1st, 22.02); Kenton Stump (3rd, 38.23); Noah Smallridge (4th, 45.54).

9-10 25-meter breaststroke – Daniel Stalnaker (2nd, 39.33); Noah Smallridge (3rd, 45.19).

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 16.02); Kenton Stump (4th, 35.65).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Daniel Stalnaker (3rd, 55.61); Noah Smallridge (5th, 1:14.64).

9-10 100-meter IM – Clay Lantz (2nd, 2:12.19); Mason Lance (3rd, 2:17.34).

9-10 100-meter freestyle relay – Kenton Stump, Daniel Stalnaker, Noah Smallridge, Brody Jeran (2nd, 1:50.09).

11-12 50-meter breaststroke – Jeremy Allman (1st, 56.11); Mylo Snyder (4th, 1:01.87).

11-12 50-meter freestyle – Jeremy Allman (1st, 1:30.57); Mylo Snyder (4th, 1:55.75).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Jeremy Allman (1st, 38.89).

13-14 50-meter backstroke – Preston Bennett (1st, 1:15.63).

13-14 100-meter breaststroke – Blake Roessing (2nd, 1:43.85); Connor Wood (3rd, 1:59.82).

13-14 50-meter freestyle – Preston Bennett (1st, 29.50); Connor Wood (2nd, 37.36).

13-14 200-meter freestyle – Blake Roessing (1st, 2:40.36); Connor Wood (3rd, 3:09.86).

13-14 200-meter IM – Preston Bennett (1st, 2:42.69).

15-18 100-meter backstroke – Dane Ammons (1st, 1:27.45).

15-18 100-meter breaststroke – Stephen Groves (1st, 1:25.29); Rhet Ammons (3rd, 1:54.56).

15-18 50-meter freestyle – Stephen Groves (1st, 27.78); Dane Ammons (3rd, 33.67); 4. Rhet Ammons (42.87).

15-18 200-meter freestyle – Dane Ammons (1st, 2:45.53).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Blake Roessing, Rhet Ammons, Dane Ammons, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:16.13).


Buckhannon 154         Barbour 117

U6 25-meter backstroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 31.23); Kara Hildreth (4th, 1:05.32).

U6 25-meter breaststroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 42.61); Hazel Malone (2nd, 54.95).

U6 25-meter butterfly – Kara Hildreth (1st, 49.09); Hazel Malone (2nd, 52.12).

U6 25-meter freestyle – Hazel Malone (1st, 39.87); Kara Hildreth (2nd, 41.24).

U6 50-meter freestyle – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 56.83).

U8 25-meter backstroke – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 32.04).

U8 25-meter butterfly – Aubry Shay (1st, 27.43); Adelynn Anderson (2nd, 43.74).

U8 25-meter freestyle – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 29.82).

U8 50-meter freestyle – Aubry Shay (1st, 45.82).

9-10 25-meter backstroke – Norah Malone (2nd, 31.97).

9-10 25-yard breaststroke – Karson Karickhoff (1st, 29.25); Lena Rose Walker (3rd, 34.95).

9-10 25-meter freestyle – Lena Rose Walker (1st, 24.46); Norah Malone (3rd, 27.61).

9-10 50-meter freestyle – Karson Karickhoff (2nd, 54.47); Baylee Stalnaker (3rd, 55.11).

9-10 100-meter IM – Aubry Shay (1st, 1:58.18); Baylee Stalnaker (2nd, 1:59.22); Karson Karickhoff (5th, 2:18.87).

9-10 100-meter freestyle relay – Norah Malone, Baylee Stalnaker, Lena Rose Walker, Karson Karickhoff (1st, 1:38.42).

11-12 50-meter backstroke – Ava Lantz (1st, 50.82).

11-12 50-meter breaststroke – Sammie Shay (1st, 49.12); Ava Lantz (4th, 53.66).

11-12 50-meter freestyle – Sammie Shay (2nd, 38.18).

11-12 100-meter freestyle – Ava Lantz (2nd, 1:24.83).

13-14 100-meter backstroke – Cadence Vincent (2nd, 1:10.50).

13-14 200-meter IM – Cadence Vincent (1st, 2:37.16).

13-14 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Sammie Shay, Ava Lantz, Connor Wood, Riley Vincent (1st, 2:28.50).

15-18 100-meter backstroke – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 1:17.67).

15-18 200-meter breaststroke – Jenny Williams (1st, 1:35.48).

15-18 200-meter freestyle – Jenny Williams (1st, 35.18).

15-18 200-meter IM – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:49.38); Jenny Williams (2nd, 3:10.07).

15-18 (mixed) 200-meter freestyle relay – Stephen Groves, Jenny Williams, Cadence Vincent, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:03.74).


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