Speak Out — March 7, 2018

Caller one: “I was glad to see Eugene Suder bring up the statue of Freddie at Jawbone Park and also the money being wasted for the turning lane, and what about the sidewalk going out to the four-lane? Nobody ever goes out through there. You’ve got state, federal and city money going into building a sidewalk to nowhere. You’ve got several hundred thousand dollars in that. It seems like our city and state government are so wasteful. All these grants the city gets, for the theater building redo and different things, all these grants are tax money. It’s not free money. It’s our tax dollars. And our state government, they’ve doubled all our DMV fees and added to the gas tax and everything else, and our roads are in the worst shape they’ve been in years. They won’t even clean the ditch along my road. We’ve got all these people are on fixed incomes. And not very many years ago, parents took care of their kids. Today, they want everybody else to take care of them, and I just think it’s a rotten shame.”

Caller two: “If you’re like me, you probably receive 10 or more annoying, unwanted phone calls per week. I answer no out-of-area or out-of-state calls. Lots of calls are also coming in from towns in West Virginia, which I don’t answer. The credit calls are the worst, as they call using the 472 prefix. Lots of these calls come up as ‘no caller’ or a name you don’t know. I have also received calls using a local business number. If you have an answering machine, let the machine pick it up.”

Caller three: “Kudos to Pat Long. The house on Pocahontas Street was good enough for Jay and Sharon Rockefeller and their young children. Enough already.”

Caller four: “I just wanted to comment on Carol Long’s column in the Wednesday, Feb. 21 newspaper. I fully agree with everything she said, and I think the parents today should read her column.”

Caller five: “I’m calling about the letter in the paper about the statue of Freddie being put in Jawbone Park. I feel that Freddie belongs in the Game Farm.”

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