Speak Out — June 27, 2018

Caller one: “Please think twice before purchasing and setting off fireworks. Thousands of pets are lost each summer as they are terrified by the noise and run away. I know it spooks our horses every time they go off. This is also very difficult for veterans living with PTSD. The noises of fireworks can sound like mortal rounds, placing them back in the line of fire in their minds. Fireworks are not harmless, many lose fingers, hands or limbs yearly. I would like to ask that the city review their law, and I would also like to see that law become county-wide.”

Caller two: “Why did the Rotary change the way they did the blood screening this spring? Not everyone has insurance, and sending the results directly to your doctor helps by not having a hundred dollar doctor bill, plus the cost of blood work that some can’t afford. I hope they change it back and give you a choice whether to send the results to you or to your doctor.”