Speak Out Dec. 27

Caller one: “This is in regard to the article in Friday, Dec. 22 on the county tweaks pipeline support letter. Mr. Higgins who questioned the commissioners regarding whether they had the read the entire letter was exactly right was be cause when a 700-page document is sent to the commission for them to sign, it is well-known they are not going to read it all and the danger is they are going to be signing something they will get caught up on later. I think they need to either read it or ask for a condensed version of it.

“Secondly, in your Wednesday paper regarding the pipeline, there was a quote by a Mr. Kline who said that the young men who come in will be all predators and they will be looking for our young women at the gymnasium, at the football fields and in Walmart. I can’t help but think that is hysterical and it is ridiculous. Would you please print a small version of the map showing where the pipeline is going to go through Upshur County? That is of great concern for us landowners and we don’t know where that is going to touch down.”

Editor’s note: “We will definitely include a pipeline map in an upcoming paper. Thanks for the suggestion!”