Sonia’s “Once Upon a Dream” on display at M.I.B Gallery

An image of one piece by Fierce Sonia

BUCKHANNON — The M.I.B Gallery within the Colonial Arts Center currently has artwork by Fierce Sonia on display. A mixed media artist from White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., Sonia’s artistry is feminine yet strong and has aspects of religion, fairy tales, superheroes, pop culture, mythology and advertisement.

Sonia told The Record Delta, “I’m very proud of this body of work and so happy to share it with Buckhannon. It’s exciting for me as an artist to see the work hang together at once. The vibrant colors come to life next to each other and the viewer gets a chance to make comparisons, find similarities and places of repetition. The characters are often borrowed from fairy tales or superhero stories. These mixed media paintings recognize the powerful function folktales have for helping to imagine a new future.”

Sonia also submitted the following, which describes this particular exhibit, “Once Upon a Dream.” “I have long been interested in the power of story. I borrow characters and elements from our most universal shared stories. The kind we tell and retell our children perhaps at bedtime. Once upon a time, once upon a dream…Superheroes, mythologies, fairytales and even pop culture reenforce our values, celebrate our heroes, and can be a warning tale. Folk stories are meant to be retold, in the retelling fascinating adaptations happen and patterns occur; that is the same as painting in a series. I want to own my place in the rich tradition and make my contribution by expanding the roles women play, making them central heroes in their own narratives,” the artist shared.

The solo exhibit remains on display and can be seen by visiting the M.I.B Gallery located in the Colonial Arts Center from 4 to 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays through July 16. Sonia also has a Facebook page where you can follow the artist. In addition, you can also follow the ART26201 page on Facebook for information on the display by Sonia and information regarding upcoming exhibits and more.


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