SJMH nurse provides knowledge for transplantation

WESTON — Mon Health Hospitals collaborate with the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE) to inform the public about the importance of organ donation. Over 100,000 people across the nation are waiting for a life-saving transplant. One organ donor can save the lives of as many as eight people through organ donation and heal the lives of as many as 75 people through tissue donation.

In the hospital setting, CORE works directly with a decedent’s family to “donate the gift of life.” Recently, Nurse Meta Kirksey at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) was instrumental in facilitating a “gift.”

Kirksey works in SJMH’s Intensive Care Unit and has a deep knowledge of organ donation. She was honored by SJMH with her work in securing an organ donor in 2021. Facilitating the organ donation process is unusual in a rural setting but Meta’s experience came from her work at a large North Carolina medical center, which is also a transplant facility. She estimates that she has been involved in more than 50 donor events.

“I have experienced quite a lot coming from large facilities, especially in the area of transplantation,” Meta said. “Working with families was part of our job and I am happy to have brought that experience here to SJMH.”

When a non-responsive patient came to the Hospital Meta realized that this patient could provide organs for others. She was able to coordinate with the SJMH physician on the situation and transferred the patient to a larger facility.

A CORE representative acknowledged Meta’s help in the donation process and wrote, “Meta was instrumental in the process of helping to communicate the need of the hospital and patient’s family to CORE. She was a bridge in advocating for the proper donor management and initiating the conversation between the procurement coordinator and Dr. Snuffer. Furthermore, Meta advocated for the patient to be moved to a higher level of care ultimately leading to the authorization, procurement, and transplanting of organs. Meta was an essential piece of saving and healing four lives through donation.”

Through Meta’s help, the donor was able to help provide a liver transplant for a 53-year-old female, heart transplant for a 58-year-old male, right kidney for a 52-year-old female, left kidney for a 39-year-old female, as well as providing lungs for research.

Meta and her husband, Al, worked at Mon Health Medical Center for a decade before transferring to the SJMH ICU, in Weston.

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