Single or taken: Ways to celebrate the ‘Day of Love’

BUCKHANNON — Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is fast approaching as it is celebrated every year on February 14. With many places in Upshur County hosting special events or selling special products for the holiday, planning accordingly can help make the day more special.

Couples, loved ones, family and friends all around the world purchase flowers, candies, gifts and other material items to give to the person they choose to be their “valentine”. However, people decide to celebrate, the day of love tends to stir up a long asked question, “what can people do to make a relationship last.”

According to CBS online, here are some tips for celebrating the holiday, whether single or in love.

If in a relationship, have realistic expectations, agree on how to celebrate and adhere to a pre-determined budget. Do not let Valentine’s Day define a relationship. Make sure to avoid letting social expectations measure the amount of love someone has based on the price tag of the gift.

If not in a relationship, make it a day to celebrate. Take time for self-care; love and treat yourself. Do not feel bad for being single. Avoid staying home and try to focus on the positives of the day.

There are plenty of local Valentine’s Day themed offers to take advantage of. Upshur County has several churches that are hosting dinners for singles and couples to take advantage of. There are also a few organizations, locally and in surrounding towns, that are hosting special events such as the Chocolate Lovers Feast, being hosted at the West Virginia Museum of American Glass, and the Fearless Fools after Valentine’s Day comedy show, being hosted at the Event Center at Brushy Fork. One of the most common traditions of the day is the distribution of Valentine’s Day cards. Children enjoy being able to decorate their own Valentine boxes and celebrating with their friends and classmates.

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday. Just remember if single during the holiday, focus on self-love and remember the amazing discounts on candy in the days to follow.

If in a relationship, use the holiday as one extra day to show loved ones how much love and appreciation you have for them. Some couples go to dinner, a movie or just run a warm bath for their significant other with candles and flowers. For some, a Valentine’s Day celebration is sitting at home with family and enjoying each other’s company.

Happy Valentine’s Day and remember, no matter how you celebrate – stay safe!


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