“Shots fired” update

BUCKHANNON — An arrest has been made, ending the mystery of who called 911 reporting “shots fired” last Wednesday in the Tallmansville area.  The following day, Danny Dalenberg, age 63 of Tallmansville Road in Buckhannon, confessed to Chief Deputy Mike Kelley that he placed the false 911 call that created mass confusion last week.  Dalenburg turned himself in and was arraigned for the misdemeanor crime of false reporting of an emergency incident by Magistrate Mike Coffman on Friday.  

According to the criminal complaint, Dalenberg called 911 at approximately 2:33 p.m. on August 7 and stated, “Shots fired at 1962 Tallmansville Road.”  He reportedly called back a couple minutes later and told 911 to “go ahead and send police and he would do head shots on them.”

While in route, law enforcement received information that the call was believed to have originated at the home of Cleo Wingfield and her daughter, Vicky.  Upon arrival, they told police there was nothing going on there.  The Wingfield’s gave permission for their residence to be searched and law enforcement combed the area, including Dalenberg’s mobile home located behind the Wingfield residence, but did not find an assailant or evidence of a disturbance.

Dalenberg reportedly has no known criminal history and court documents said he explained that he was depressed and had been drinking at the time he placed the hoax call.  Magistrate Coffman set a combined bond in the amount of $25,000, $5,000 of which was a cash only bond.  The other $20,000 was set as a property/surety bond and made through a bonding agent. Dalenberg posted bond at his arraignment and avoided booking at the regional jail.

As a further condition of his bond, Dalenberg was required to turn over all firearms and ammunition to be held at the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department during the pendency of his bond and criminal proceedings. Continue to follow The Record Delta for further updates on the case. 


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