Sheriff presents awards and promotions

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Sheriff David H. Coffman held a COVID-19 Service Award ceremony on Friday evening in the Magistrate Court Room.  Sheriff Coffman said he wanted to recognize and honor his staff for their hard work, especially during the last several months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Sheriff also announced several promotions for Deputies and Court Security officers on his staff.  Receiving an Award for Merit was Corporal Tyler Gordon. 

Captain Mark Davis and Chief Deputy Mike Kelley presented the Award of Merit to Corporal Gordon for preforming in a manner that was within the realm of his duty.  On July 21, 2016, Gordon acted quickly and professionally when responding to a 911 call in which a suspect reacted with life-threatening force.  Gordon was praised for showing courage, ability and devotion to the field of law enforcement.  

Sheriff Coffman was emotional during the ceremony and said he is very appreciative and grateful for the hard work and dedication of his office, especially during times that he is unable to be there due to health issues.  Coffman explained he never has to worry about his staff, as they’re always doing their job and doing it properly. 

Those honored with COVID-19 Service Awards are as follows: Jason Knicely, Crystal Linger, Bobby Hawkins, Mike Haler, Roger Davis, Mark Cunningham, Doug White, Richard Gordon, Danny Gould, Jim Vance, Cole Bender, Dakota Linger, Dan Barcus, Tyler Gordon, Theron Caynor, Dewaine Linger, Rodney Rolenson, Marshall Powers, Mark Davis, Mike Kelley and David Coffman. 

Jim Vance was promoted to Supervisor of Courthouse Security.  According to Sheriff Coffman, Vance has been around for several years and he is very good at dealing with the public.  He received a new badge and name tag along with his promotion. 

Deputy Tyler Gordon was promoted to Corporal during the ceremony.  Theron Caynor, Dewaine Linger and Rodney Rolenson were promoted from Corporal to Sergeant.  Marshall Powers was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant.  Mark Davis was also promoted to Captain, after serving as Lieutenant for approximately 18 years.  

Sheriff Coffman also wanted to recognize their seamstress Ruth Hawkins.  He stated, “She is a fantastic lady that has helped all of us at one time or another.”




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