Senior Bobcats leave their Home Among the Hills

BUCKHANNON — On Saturday, seniors at West Virginia Wesleyan College will say a final goodbye as the school hosts its annual commencement ceremony. Students from West Virginia, California, Spain and France —as well as other states and countries near and far — come to Wesleyan for a college education. Undergraduate and graduate students all say their experiences at Wesleyan are unparalleled.

“I came to Wesleyan mainly because of the swim team and the individualized help available by man of the professors,” said Hunter Lowe, a bioengineering major. “At the big universities, no matter what major you are, I feel like you are just a number. At Wesleyan, the professors know you by name within the first week of classes and you’re an individual.”

Katie Aiosa, a West Virginia Wesleyan legacy and a legacy of the Zeta Tau Alpha, knew that Wesleyan was the place for her.

“It’s a family tradition to go to Wesleyan and it’s always been home for me,” Aiosa said. “Wesleyan has the best community. Everyone is open, caring and involved. I don’t think I can walk from one building to the next on campus without saying hi to five people.”

Wesleyan’s small and tight-knit community is what gives the school that special feeling of “home,” many students claim. Seeing your friends across campus, yelling your name and not caring who hears because most of campus knows who you are, can’t be duplicated.

Alyssa Minnick, senior in the art department, thinks the small community is one of the college’s most important aspects.

“It’s great for all of us to be able to know one another and work together to create something bigger than ourselves,” Minnick said. “All of the late nights I spent in the art department with my fellow art friends, working on homework, finals and playing video games, are the best memories from WVWC.”

Luke Blake, an MBA student who is majoring in economics,values the structure Wesleyan has created for its students.

“It’s the simple things like going to class, staying diligent and becoming a more mature adult, because the teachers will jump on you if you slack,” Blake said. “At Wesleyan, they hold you accountable, so you learn to hold yourself accountable.”

Whether through a sports team, Greek life, department classmates or a mixture of all, Wesleyan’s community lasts a lifetime. Like the many alumni once in the seniors’ shoes, and like the many seniors to come, this year’s graduating class will forever hold dear their experiences at Wesleyan. Their home among the hills shall always hold a special place in their hearts, with a warm welcome whenever they visit.


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