Senator Hamilton presents check to Commission for Warren District Community Building

Commission seeks non-profit to use Hampton Community Building 

BUCKHANNON — West Virginia Senator Bill Hamilton, a Buckhannon native and Buckhannon-Upshur High School graduate, presented the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) Grant Award of $5,000 to the Upshur County Commission Thursday morning, for the Warren District Community Building.

“It’s a privilege to be here with you all today,” Senator Hamilton began. He noted that it has been a rough year on everyone, but especially community centers. When Senator Hamilton spoke with individuals from the Warren District Community Building, he was reportedly informed they recently had to replace part of their HVAC and septic systems.

According to Senator Hamilton, this check was presented on behalf of Governor Jim Justice, Senate President Craig Blaire, Finance Chair/Senator Eric Tarr, Senator Robert Karnes and himself.

He noted that he will be bringing another check soon to help support the Upshur County Youth Camp. “Of course, that’s pretty close to my heart because I am an old 4-Her from Upshur County—Delaware Tribe, I might add,” he laughed.

Cary Smith and Norman Rohr, board members of the Warren District Community Building, were present to receive the check on behalf of the community building Thursday morning.

Commission President Kristie Tenney expressed gratitude and appreciation for the check presented. “We truly appreciate it,” she commented to Senator Bill Hamilton.

County Commissioners also discussed a plan of action for the Hampton Community Building. County Administrator Carrie Wallace explained to Commissioners that in May of 2001, this property was deeded to the Hampton Community Church trustees for use as a community building. Wallace referenced Senator Hamilton’s statements regarding the financial load some of these community buildings are carrying, and said the Hampton Community Building is no exception. Earlier this year, one of the United Methodist trustees corresponded with County Commissioners, letting them know they would like to turn the property back over to the Commission.

According to Wallace, the Commission has three options regarding the .492 acres and building. These three options are as follows: keep it and maintain it for county use, lease it to a non-profit, or sell it by auction by WV code.  

Commissioners are currently seeking any non-profit organizations that may be interested in utilizing the Hampton Community Building. Commissioners ultimately decided to wait until the end of the year to determine the fate of the property. They are hoping a non-profit will express interest by that time. If interested, contact County Administrator Carrie Wallace at (304) 472-0535 or by email at [email protected]

In other business of the Upshur County Commission, the following agenda items were approved: Adopted the Policy Extending Emergency Absentee Voting; Number of Sets of Emergency Absentee Voting Commissioners for the January 15, 2022 Special School Bond Election; Grievance Procedure for Complaints Relating to Suspected or Alleged Discrimination on the Basis of Handicapped Status in Upshur County; Tyler Mountain Rental Agreement for equipment located at the Office of Emergency Management in the amount of $6 per month for a period of one year; Correspondence to Ryan Halsey, Project Manager, enclosing Community Development Block Grant – Small Cities Block Grant Request for Payment for the Elkins Road PSD Phase III Water System Improvements in the amount of $13,512.85 (Request for Funds #24); Memorandum from Carrie Wallace, County Administrator / DHSEM Director, expressing interest in the vacant Emergency Management representative seat on the Enhanced Emergency Telephone Advisory Board (upon approval, this term will expire on June 30, 2022); and Lewis–Upshur Animal Control Facility Volunteer Shari Zalaznik.

The next regular meeting of the Upshur County Commission will be October 14 at 9 a.m. at the Upshur County Courthouse Annex.


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