School system asks city to remove old buildings for more parking around BAES

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Schools has asked the city to raze two old  UCS buildings to expand parking around Buckhannon Academy.

“There are a couple seldomly used if ever used buildings owned by the board of education and Dr. Stankus asked us about the opportunity of our city partnering and collaborating with the Board of Ed to be of some assistance in helping them raze these buildings,” McCauley said.  “One of them is basically a metal shell of a building, the other one is a bit more substantial.”

One of the buildings is located at 102 Smithfield St. and the other is at the corner of Tucker and Ritchie Street.

Superintendant of Upshur County Schools Dr. Sara Stankus said one of the buildings is being used as a warehouse for maintenance employees, but they have no problem with razing the building.

“The maintenance folks said, ‘well, this building is really falling down around us and we have the new warehouse that would kind of motivate us to move to that place up by Tennerton Elementary,” Stankus said.

“Maybe we can tear this down and make that another parking area.’”

Stankus said too many people are forced to park on the street in that area.

“We know that our employees are parking on the streets around Buckhannon Academy and when we have parent activities they park on the streets,” Stankus said.

McCauley said lack of parking could also be affecting Stockert events that happen at Buckhannon Academy.

“There’s another element to this too,” McCauley said.  “Our kids at Stockert use your facility and when those folks who are going to our Stockert events go to the gym they have to look for places to park.”

Stankus said the buildings are old and could be considered an eye sore.

“I think number one beautification, number two practicality of increasing parking for everyone because there is just not a lot of parking and I was thinking of Strawberry Festival when the band meets down at the board office and parents are parking on the streets and it would just be great to have spots available,” Stankus said.

McCauley suggested forming a committee and coming back to the topic at a later meeting.

“What I would like to suggest to the council is that we designate a committee of board office folks, Dr. Stankus, a maintenance person and whoever else you want on that committee,” McCauley said.

“Let Jerry and myself work with those folks to come back with a plan that would be subject to this council’s approval.”

McCauley said the city workers of Buckhannon would be able to do a good job.

“Not to brag on our city workers, but there is virtually nothing we can’t do,” McCauely said.  “Let’s set up a meeting, circle the wagons and gather the appropriate folks, maybe do a walkthrough up there and just come to a better grip on the size of the buildings and put some numbers together to support this project.”


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