Sam’s Pizza takes lead in Men’s Golf League

BUCKHANNON – Week two of the Buckhannon Country Club Bob Cupp Men’s Golf League saw Sam’s Pizza gain a big win to take the lead in the 10-team standings.

Sam’s Pizza defeated Highland Landscaping by a 26 1/2-13 ½ score to leapfrog from fifth place to the top of the standings with 47 points.

Hank Ellis Insurance also had a huge win, defeating First Community Bank by a 26-14 count to move into second place.

Unifirst Corporation stayed in third place with a 20 ½ -19 ½ win over Arnett Carbis Toothman, who remained in fourth place.

The other two matches saw Lisa Cain Edward Jones tie High Point Construction, 20-20 and Custom Cabinets edge Feola’s Flowers, 20 ½-19 ½.

Kenny Tenney of Hank Ellis Insurance won Low Actual honors with a 35 while Sam Nolte of Sam’s Pizza and Larry Carpenter of Feola’s Flowers tied for Low Net honors with 31s.

The standings, top individual performers and this week’s pairings:


Team  Points

1. Sam's Pizza 47

2. Hank Ellis Insurance 45 ½

3. Unifirst Corporation 43

4. Arnett Carbis Toothman 40 ½

5. First Community Bank 39

6. High Point Construction 39

7. Highland Landscaping 38

8. Lisa Cain Edward Jones 37 ½

9. Custom Cabinets 35 ½

10. Feola's Flowers 35

Low Actual – Par 35

Kenny Tenney, Hank Ellis Insurance 35

Stephen Jeran, Sam's Pizza 38

John Moss, Highland Landscaping 38

John Mathias, UniFirst Corporation 39

Low Net – Par 35

Sam Nolte, Sam's Pizza 31

Larry Carpenter, Feola's Flowers 31

Kenny Tenney, Hank Ellis Insurance 33

Stephen Jeran, Sam's Pizza 34

John Mathias, UniFirst Corporation 34

John Cale, UniFirst Corporation 34

This Week’s Schedule

Arnett Carbis Toothman vs First Community Bank

Sam's Pizza vs UniFirst Corporation

Hank Ellis Insurance vs Feola's Flowers

High Point Construction vs Highland Landscaping

Custom Cabinets vs Lisa Cain Edward Jones



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