Sams leaves City to join Save Our Streams

BUCKHANNON — Since January of 2018, the City of Buckhannon has been blessed to employ Callie Cronin Sams as Information Coordinator and Grant Researcher. During her tenure with the city, Sams has split her time between public relations, website and social media management, and grant research, writing and administration. She has put in an immense amount of time and effort working to progress Buckhannon and her efforts have certainly paid off as she has helped to successfully obtain multiple grants that will benefit the community for many years.

After more than three years of serving the City of Buckhannon, Sams announced Thursday that she has accepted a new job with Save Our Streams in West Virginia. She will be training volunteers and students in utilizing biological assessment methods for evaluating stream health, as she works to promote the program on a statewide basis.

Sams is excited for her new endeavor, but also explained that she will miss her time with the City of Buckhannon. “I have really enjoyed my time working at the City. I have learned so much and benefited from the vast knowledge and experience of colleagues Amberle Jenkins, Jerry Arnold, Jay Hollen and Bryson Van Nostrand. It’s been a privilege to work for City Council members past and present that are so dedicated to the community. I am very thankful for the opportunity and plan to stay in touch,” Sams said.

Mayor Robbie Skinner told The Record Delta, “We will miss her and believe that DEP’s gain is our loss. She was a valued asset to the City of Buckhannon. We appreciate all the work she put in to help us receive grant funding for various endeavors, and also to help us share information with our community. We wish her well in the next chapter of her professional career.” According to Mayor Skinner, the City Council will determine the next course of action regarding finding a replacement for Sams.

You can follow her progress in the new position and find more information about the Save Our Streams program at





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