S. Spring St. to close for building construction

BUCKHANNON –Rob Hinton, executive director of the Upshur County Developmental Authority, said temporarily closing South Spring Street from Nov. 26 to around Jan. 3 or 4  is necessary for construction of the Upshur Innovation Center.

“We looked at a lot of different options,” Hinton said.  “From a contractor’s perspective they would like the street closed for the entire time they’re working on the building, but that’s just not going to work. From the city’s perspective they would like to never have the street closed because that’s convenience, however in this situation we have to come up with a compromise.”

The letter Hinton presented to the council from Danhill Construction Company said the shut down is necessary for the delivery, off loading and erection of large steel columns and beams.

The street will be closed from the Main Street intersection to the alley by the post office. 

“We looked at moving the crane from where we originally planned on putting on Spring Street and we ended up putting the crane in the middle of the site and that way all the booming is going to happen on the site and they’re going to set the steel from the center of the building and roll the crane out,” Hinton said.

He said they wanted to make sure the pedestrian right of way was not impeded along Spring Street.

“We also looked at the pedestrian right of way and we wanted to maintain a wide area so it wasn’t obstructed so we are going to keep the fence 10 feet off the building so you’ll have a 10 foot walkway there in the street during the week,” he said.

Hinton said the employees would be working 10 hour shifts primarily Monday through Thursday.

He said in case of rain, the workers would have Friday as a make up day to stay on schedule.

“If it’s a rainy day, they’ll have Friday as a makeup and guaranteed every week that street will be open for through way traffic just like it normally is for the weekends,” Hinton said.

“I asked the contractor if he was confident we could make that date and he said it should be plenty of time to get it completed,” Hinton said. 

The request was motioned to pass by council member Robbie Skinner and seconded by council member David Thomas.

In other news:

*the city council voted to increase the Stockert Youth and Community Center’s Board of Directors from 10 to 11. Mayor McCauley said that commissioner Troy A. “Buddy” Brady III had been a leader in fundraising for SYCC’s gym and would like to stay on the board if possible following his tenure on county commission.


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