Rylands wins tie for seat on City Council

BUCKHANNON— After a preliminary tie for the third open seat on Buckhannon’s City Council was announced following the West Virginia Primary Election last Tuesday, CJ Rylands has now been declared the winner.  The Upshur County election results were canvassed all day on Monday, with Rylands finally edging out opponent Sheila Sines by just six votes.  The final reported tally was Rylands – 437 to Sines – 431. 

Rylands stated, “I would like to thank everyone that participated in this election process.  We can now continue our work towards making Buckhannon a safe, affordable, welcoming community, where a point is made to include everyone that wants to participate.”  The Councilman continued, “It was a close race and I’m glad it’s over.  I look forward to continue working for the best interest of the community and making Buckhannon shine.”

Despite the fact she didn’t win the tie, Sines was very positive about the experience.  Sines stated, “I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to run for Buckhannon City Council, and I am also humbled by the support that I received in this race. I know that I have said this before, but it bears repeating – this town is filled with the most wonderful people in this world and I feel blessed to get to live here among you.”

Sines elaborated on her cheerful outlook by saying, “Although I came up a little short on votes, I will never feel as though it was a complete loss… to have gotten so close with CJ Rylands, a thriving business owner, well established, a staple in many of the wonderful aspects of our city for years, I consider that to be a triumph.”

Sines explained that she initially entered the race to help Buckhannon get back on a path of implementing wonderful ideas and visions.  “I also wanted to see less self-serving agendas.  I feel satisfied that has been accomplished,” she emphasized. “I love Buckhannon and will assist any one of the elected to continue making our town one of the best in this country; that of course, includes Mr. Rylands. God is great and always in control; his will be done.”  Sines concluded, “So, thank you for this opportunity and experience; may God bless you and Buckhannon, WV."

A total of 3,464 votes were cast for members of City Council and voters could select three of the candidates to fill the available seats.  Canvassing results maintained Jack Reger as the top vote getter with 540 ballots cast in his favor.  Trailing him for the second seat was current Councilwoman Pamela Bucklew with 528 votes. Initially reported as a tie, Rylands took the third seat with 437 votes, followed by Sines with 431.  The remaining candidates recorded the following final results:  Scott Preston – 391, Shauna Jones – 369, Steve Oldaker – 252, Matt Kerner – 246, Freddy Suder – 168, Rick Edwards – 100, and two write-ins were recorded. 

Mayor-elect Robbie Skinner won with a final total of 718 votes over incumbent David McCauley, who recorded 556 votes in the canvas. Mike Bodnar obtained 42 votes for Mayor and there was one write-in out of the 1,317 total votes cast.

Current Recorder Randy Sanders will maintain his position with City Council after receiving 720 votes over his opponent Abigail Benjamin, who obtained 512 of the 1,232 total votes cast for the office.

Congratulations to all candidates and The Record Delta extends best wishes for successful terms representing the City of Buckhannon.


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