Rotary hosts special guests

BUCKHANNON—Two special guests, the distinguished Dr. Kwame Boateng, a big part of the Rotary’s past and Cally Wafula, a hopeful part of the rotary future, were introduced by Charter Member Marty Kelley, on Tuesday. “In the international flavor of Rotary, I am absolutely thrilled we have our past and our future here with us today,” stated Kelley. Rafula is from Kenya; he was a previously an official exchange student at B-UHS, and he is back, residing with the exchange student coordinator. Rafula is hopeful to be accepted to WVWC or WVU to further his college education. 

Lisa Wharton arranged for Rotary to go to Channel 5 and Channel 12 news stations for the noon airing to discuss the upcoming blood screening and extend the word and information of the open public event. Be sure to look to for local faces on those noon news stations. The next meeting will focus on the blood screening; Dr. Sue Long will discuss the components of the various tests being conducted at the screening, and Jamie Powell will discuss job duties of the Rotary volunteers during the event. Other members continue to sign up for program discussions during the noon meetings. The October 8 meeting will be the second evening meeting for the newly forming club. 

The club charter update was given by Julie Keehner. “Rotary International is reviewing our charter as we speak, they said we will easily be chartered by our first blood screening it took a village so thank you all for your contribution to this,” Keehner added, “So many people have come together at the national and district level.” The group was very pleased to hear the update and all applauded the efforts enthusiastically. 

Dr. Dan Martin presented to the group the hand-painted bags by Sherry Gaudet, that will be used for the soup drive. Kelley Tierney is sponsoring the community soup drive to benefit the B-UMS and the B-UHS food pantries at both schools. The soup drive will run throughout the month of October and is solely based on donation. Between each school, over 350 bags of food are being put together each week for students; Tierney stated, “This number has more than doubled from last year.” Each bag painted by Gaudet will hold two cans of soup that can be dropped off at Tierney’s office at 115 East Main Street. Tierney’s office is matching every can of soup donated, if the community donates 2,000 cans of soup, Tierney will also donate 2,000 cans of soup to stock the shelves of both food pantries. Soup donations can be dropped off from October 1 through October 31. Tierney did ask that people try to think of what kids would like when purchasing soup, something hearty and kid- friendly. Also, keep in mind that many children will not have access to a can opener so pop top cans are preferred. Spaghetti O’s and other similar items are also appreciated for these less fortunate children of our community. Tierney added, “Any help is appreciated.” In addition, The Parish House is also in need of items to re-stock the shelves and Marvin Carr brought that to the attention of the club members. 

The October blood screening Saturdays are October 5 and October 12 at B-UMS and Community Care at Rock Cave. Proceeds will benefit the community via the forming Rotary club of Buckhannon Upshur. Be sure to mark those dates and show up for your health and to support the Rotarians. Continue to follow The Record Delta for updates from the Rotary Club.


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