Rotary hears from new Dr.

BUCKHANNON — The Rotary club on welcomed a new physician to town Tuesday. Jennifer Michael introduced herself to the Rotary Club and encouraged everyone to visit her office next to the emergency area at St. Joseph’s Hospital or at 1 Amalia Dr, Buckhannon, West Virginia.
“I just want to let people know I am available,” Michael said.  “I am happy to help treat any problems someone may have with their feet.”
Michael attended Ohio State for her undergraduate degree in radiological sciences and therapy and received her doctor of podiatric medicine from Kent State University and her residency was completed at Mercy Health in Cleveland, Ohio, but she said her husband is from Bridgeport so they returned to the mountain state.
“I really like everyone,” Michael said.  “Everyone is so nice. I have found that to be the most rewarding thing, everyone is very appreciative here.”
Michael said she knew she always wanted to go into medicine, but did not know what kind during her undergraduate years.
“I knew since I was an undergrad that I wanted to go into medicine,” Michael said. “I just didn’t know what kind until my father actually stepped on a toothpick and it got infected and went through his bloodstream. We didn’t know it was a toothpick because it didn’t come up on X-rays because it was made of wood. Everyone was saying he was going to lose the foot except the podiatrist that wound up finding the toothpick and saved his foot.”
Michael’s appearance at the Rotary Club was educational with her expressing her desire to “talk about feet.”
“I just want to talk about taking care of your feet,” Michael said. “A lot of in grown toenails have been coming into my office lately and I just want to tell people not to cut their toenails too short and cut them straight.”
Michael shared her advise on common foot ailments during her presentation and took questions from everyone in attendance.
“When you buy shoes,” Michael said. “ You should always try to do that later in the day because that is the time of day when your feet are the most accurate size due to swelling and other factors.”
Michael is certified to perform surgery on the foot and ankle and is taking new patients.

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