Rotarians learn leadership strategies

BUCKHANNON — Life coach and experienced Reverend Cyril Johnston of Buckhannon, WV educated Rotarians on being an effective leader Tuesday afternoon at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church. Johnston used his years of experience to lead a brief training on “How to Enhance Your Leadership Effectiveness.”  He explained, “We are all leaders… in our church, our club, our family.”  Johnston expressed that he wishes he knew before ministry, that he doesn’t have to have all the answers.  “I learned in coaching you don’t have to have all the answers to be an effective leader. After 38 years of leading churches in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I still don’t have all the answers.”  

The three key principles to increase leadership effectiveness, according to Johnston, is to one, try and see the other person as the expert, two, encourage an environment of discovery – meaning both parties are open to what new things might come from the conversation and following the prior two will automatically lead to the third principle, partner with the persons you’re leading for their own success.  

Mr.  Johnston expressed to Rotarians that they need to take a “coach” approach rather than a “tell” approach – “It is easy to tell, but a lot harder to dig and ask important questions.”  The problem is, we like to be the smartest person in the room; it feels good, Mr. Johnston explained.  Mr. Johnston concluded his training by saying, “Let’s allow ourselves the time and interest in each other, and go from telling, to asking each other questions, being interested in what’s going on with others, and listen.”   

Mr. Johnston wanted to teach the Rotarians these principals to show them how they can apply them to business, but also to family.  Mr. Johnston is an executive coach on life and leadership.  He assists people in moving forward with career choice and growth, retirement issues, faith struggles, goal setting, moving past obstacles, family and relationship issues, directing through grief and leadership issues.  To learn more about him or if seeking assistance, you can go to  

Next Tuesday, February 4, at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, St. Joseph’s Hospital will be presenting to the Rotary Club of Buckhannon-Upshur about Cardiac Rehab. 


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