Rice speaks to CWVRW

BUCKHANNON — Dr. Susan Rice has been making her way around town speaking to various groups about the flu bug and necessary vaccines for the adult population. Rice is a professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College where she teaches public health courses. Rice previously worked as a midwife and stated, “I caught over 800 babies while working as a midwife.”

Rice discussed a variety of vaccines, diseases and insurance company researches she conducted to find out which insurances cover vaccinations under the Affordable Care Act. She also covered why it is essential to get a flu shot every year. “The flu is a virus and the strands change or mutate every year and they have to anticipate how it will change each year when they create the vaccine,” Rice explained.

During the latter portion of the meeting, President of the Central West Virginia Republican Women LeVera Gillum reported that membership for the group topped off at 50 members of ladies and associate members when she completed her membership report for the biennial meeting in Charleston earlier this month. Gillum stated, “It has been an extremely busy month and I was so very pleased to report our membership numbers at the state meeting.”

CWVRW are dedicated to positively impacting the state of West Virginia and the nation, while strengthening the republican party by recruiting, educating, training, supporting and electing republicans, according to the group. Anyone wishing to join the CWVRW should contact LeVera Gillum on Facebook.


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