Retaliation against officer holds Carrier

BUCKHANNON — A local woman is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $30,000 bond on counts of petit larceny, possession of a controlled substance and retaliation against a public officer.

According to a report filed by Buckhannon Police Officer A. McCauley, the defendant went to the Clothes Closet, located at 47 Sedgewick Street, opened bags of donations on the back porch, sifted through the clothes and took several items without permission or paying for them. Employees of the Clothes Closet provided video surveillance footage and positive visual identification of Courtney Carrier, 32, Buckhannon, and one other committing the acts.

According to the report, after they gathered what they wanted, they left the other items scattered on the porch and took off on bikes.

According to a second report filed by Buckhannon Police Officer T.A. Posey, while he was on patrol, along with Officer Collins, they saw Carrier walking. Officer Collins, according to the report, was aware of a warrant for the defendant. She was taken into custody and incident to arrest her belongings were searched. This search produced multiple drug smoking devices, baggies and containers. One of the baggies and two of the containers did have a white crystalline substance which tested positive for methamphetamines.

In a third report filed by Buckhannon Police Officer T.R. Collins, while on routine patrol in Buckhannon, he observed the defendant by the West Virginia Wesleyan College baseball fields, and upon having prior knowledge of an outstanding warrant for her arrest, he stopped to talk with her.

While doing so, Sgt. Posey conformed through COMM center the outstanding warrant for petit larceny was still active. Officer Collins placed Carrier under arrest and advised her of her rights.

According to the report, Carrier became belligerent and told the officer “I swear to God if I could catch you out of your uniform” and continued with violent threats that included the use of expletives.

According to a report from Upshur County Magistrate Court, Jose Ismael Gonzalez-Castro, 37, Alkol, is being held on counts of phone harassment, stalking and possession of marijuana less than 15 grams.

According to a complaint from Buckhannon Police Officer D. S. Kraemer, he responded to a Railroad Avenue residence in Buckhannon for a possible caller stated she believed it was her ex-boyfriend attempting to gain entry to the residence. According to the report, the officer spoke to the victim, Whitney Fast, who stated that she had broken up with Gonzalez-Castro a couple of weeks prior.

Fast, according to the complaints, stated that she had asked Gonzalez-Castro to leave her alone multiple times and that the landlord of the residence had to change the locks for her protection due to violent past history.

On April 23, a family court judge advised Gonzalez-Castro not to contact the victim. On April 27, Gonzalez-Castro contacted the victim via a text message. Fast responded demanding he stop trying to contact her. After multiple non-stop messages, Fast changed her number in order to keep Gonzalez-Castro from contacting her. She also received a Facebook message from an unknown subject. When Fast read the message, it was Gonzalez-Castro stating that he simply wanted a moment to talk.

Gonzalez-Castro then attempted to send flowers to Fast, which she refused. The delivery person identified Gonzalez-Castro as the sender.

Officer Kraemer noted in a second report that he was aided by Cpl. Wilson and Cpl. Hissam in making contact with a blue in color Nissan Altima registered to Gonzalez-Castro. Officers made contact with Gonzalez-Castro, who was sitting in the driver’s seat. Officers requested he step out of the car. He admitted to having a bowl that he used to smoke marijuana out of just prior to to their arrival. Cpl. Wilson located a multi-colored glass bowl with marijuana still in it, a silver hand-held digital scale and a plastic bag containing 2.8 grams of marijuana that Gonzalez-Castro said he forgot was under the seat.


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