Read Aloud WV donates 1,200 books to B-UHS students

BUCKHANNON — Every April, teachers and librarians across the country are encouraged to celebrate School Library Month, as well as National Library Week.

Working with Buckhannon-Upshur High School Librarian Angie Westfall, the Read Aloud West Virginia program donated over 1,200 books to the school’s library. The goal was for every student to have the opportunity to browse the selection for a book of their choosing.

Read Aloud WV Representative Dawn Miller expressed her gratitude to volunteers who made the whole operation possible. A box truck was sent from Charleston on Friday, filled with mysteries, romances, thrillers, fantasies, and more. The Read Aloud WV event at B-UHS allowed students to browse and discuss their selections with their friends. Miller explained, “It’s all part of creating a community of readers.”

Miller also emphasized the importance of reading at all ages, as reading works as a foundation to writing, communicating and understanding.

On the first day of the giveaway, Miller and Westfall placed over 400 books into the hands of students, and they plan to continue giving away books for the remainder of the week!


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