Quarantine: Normal (June 4)

The “New Normal.” We have all heard the phrase, but what does it mean? What will that look like? I’ve seen articles reporting on restaurants permanently changing the way they do business, even after this pandemic is over, to keep the safety of their customers and employees safe. I’ve heard opinions of those around me talk about how schools will resume in the fall. Will businesses who were forced to adapt to working from home continue to telework? Will we change the way we interact with others and second guess our actions? How long will it be until we are not panicking when someone within close proximity sneezes or coughs in public? How long will this pandemic stay with us?

I have had these thoughts and questions since about a month into this pandemic, and I don’t know. I can’t tell. Even though West Virginia has almost fully reopened and businesses are running again, things aren’t the same, and this country is still in rough shape. This state is just fortunate to have a low rate due to fast and smart actions. I think it is important that we do stay cautious. It takes at most, two weeks to develop symptoms of the coronavirus, and by the time we caught it, it had grown dramatically worldwide. If we see another pandemic, we have to be prepared and we have to remember what precautions and sanitization methods we took in order to prevent or slow the spread of the virus.

Now most are carrying on as normal. Even though some never took any precautionary measures, more and more look at you strangely once you step into a place with a mask on, almost as if this situation never happened. The only thing I can advise is to do what makes you feel safe. You cannot force those to wear a mask, and some just won’t. If you don’t feel comfortable going into that grocery store or attending that wedding, don’t. Make yourself and your loved ones your first priority and stay cautious. Hopefully, this war with this virus will end soon.


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