PSC adjusts filing procedures during COVID-19 pandemic

CHARLESTON — The Public Service Commission of West Virginia is streamlining its procedures to continue serving the public while complying with the Governor’s Executive Orders.  The intention of the Commission is to process cases even though the ability to conduct onsite investigations, onsite audits and hearings has been severely curtailed by travel restrictions, location closures and restrictions of the sizes of public gatherings.

All public utilities and parties to Commission cases are to follow the directives in General Order 262.3, effective immediately.  Those directives include:

1) Filings of 30 pages or less should be filed in formal cases via email.  The filing should be in Adobe PDF compatible format, if available.  Otherwise submissions should be in Microsoft Word (Word 97-2003 Document format).  All emailed filings must be sent to [email protected]  

2) Filings over 30 pages should be sent by U.S. Postal Service or another commercial courier service, whenever possible.

3) The Commission will continue to receive hand-delivered filings.  However, filers may experience a short delay because access to the Commission lobby will be limited pursuant to the Kanawha County Health Department directives regarding maximum occupancy.

Additional information, including the complete Order, is available on the Commission website: by referencing GO 262.3.