Pregnancy Center receives gift of house

BUCKHANNON-The Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care Incorporated humbly accepted the deed to a house located at 8 Meadow Street in Buckhannon on May 5. This house will serve as the new main office of functions. The house was donated by Clifford Newman of Buckhannon.

Clifford Newman, former owner of the American Furniture Store, donated the house on behalf of his mother Ethel Newman. Originally from Baltimore and born into a family of six  kids, his mother taught him the importance of family and Jesus. He felt a calling to donate the house on behalf of his love for his mother. “The center has had to move six times in 14 years,” Newman said. “Just to have the utilities and water switched is costly.” He knew that they needed a permanent facility to be able to effectively do the work they do. “I knew it was the right thing to do, and I just wanted to make a difference,” Newman said.

Barbara Kincaid, director of the Pregnancy Care for 14 years, was overwhelmed and grateful for the gift from Newman. She knows it is important to have a stationary place to be able to effectively help those in need. She holds a Master’s Degree in counseling and utilizes it at the center.  “I don’t know how many children we have saved but God knows,” Kincaid said. When talking about how efficient the place runs, she stated that “We provide services to approximately 280 women a year, in nine counties, with a budget of 45 thousand dollars.” “Let’s see a governmental program function on that kind of budget,” she said. Most of how they accomplish so much with so little money is through the volunteering that takes places throughout the Pregnancy Care program. “I worked two other jobs while working at the Pregnancy Center,” Kincaid said. The other satellite offices are also run by many hard-working volunteers.

Charlotte Snead, of Lost Creek, started Pregnancy Care in 1985 in Weston. The center moved to Buckhannon 14 years ago using a room donated by Dr. Greenbrier Almond. “Now we have our own home, and it’s a gift from God,” Snead said. They now have counseling rooms, a large storage room, and a room to provide parenting classes. Snead continues to be active for the center, serving on the Central West Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Board.

Jessica Bohman, who has utilized Pregnancy Care services on multiple occasions, is a native of California. She came to West Virginia and found herself in need of resources to help with her children. “The Pregnancy Center has been a God Send,” Bohman said. “They have helped us along the way so much. We needed bedrails for our child and I prayed that we would find some.” “Next thing I know I saw that Pregnancy Care Center had bedrails and we got them for our child.” She was very grateful for all they she has gotten from the center in the past. It’s good to know that they are here when you need them. The center has gotten us through some very hard times,” Bohman said. She also stated, “I am thankful that I am in a place now where I can give back to the Pregnancy Care Center.”

Sarah Curtis has also received amazing support from the Pregnancy Care. “I first came to the center in 2005,” Curtis said. “They supported and uplifted me after my baby was born five weeks early.” “They are an amazing center,” Curtis said.

Operated solely on donations, with no tax funding, Pregnancy Care caters to women who find themselves in emergency situations where they may make hasty decisions.  They provide baby clothing and necessities. They also provide pregnancy testing and educational classes. Information on single parenting, foster care, and adoption are also available through the center. They have an open-door policy and welcome all family members who want to become a part of the process. The Pregnancy Center can be reached at 304-473-1122. They are open Mon through Thurs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The office is closed Fridays. They can be reached via email at [email protected]


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