Power outage disrupts town

BUCKHANNON — Much of the downtown area was without power Tuesday afternoon, due to a downed electric line near the entrance to St. Joseph’s Hospital.  

According to Buckhannon Fire Department’s Firefighter John Brugnoli, it was simply a line failure that caused the considerable inconveniences.  He said there were no indications that tree limbs broke the line and no severe weather disturbances were present at the time.

Due to the power outage and anticipated restoration time of 4 p.m., the Courthouse and Annex closed for the remainder of the day.  However, Brugnoli said the power company arrived within approximately 15 minutes of the power outage, and electric was quickly restored in about an hour. 

The Buckhannon Fire Department and Buckhannon Police Department ensured the safety surrounding the downed line and provided traffic control at the hospital’s entrance, as well as the intersection of Main Street and Route 20 since the traffic light was temporarily out of commission.  “The road was never shut down for emergency traffic and was reopened after about 45 minutes to general traffic,” Brugnoli confirmed.

Thank you to all our local first responders for quickly and safely helping to resolve the situation.


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