Post receives BEST Award

BUCKHANNON — The City of Buckhannon recognized Robert R. “Bob” Post as the 18th recipient of the Buckhannon Exemplary Service Testimonial (BEST) Award. City officials added Post’s placard to the BEST Bench at Jawbone Park, along with the other honorees Friday evening, as his family and members of the community gathered to celebrate.

During the ceremony, Mayor David McCauley read off Post’s memberships and accomplishments in his proclamation. Post was notably recognized as “A U.S. Army veteran and proud member of the Frank B. Bartlett American Legion Post #7 having served as Post Commander, First Vice Commander, Americanism Chair and member of our Combined Honor Guard.”

McCauley continued, “In 2008, Bob Post spearheaded the effort sponsored by our American Legion Post to realize the instruction of Patriotism and Americanism throughout all West Virginia public schools, bringing awareness to all K-12 students of American wartime involvement and the service of our military personnel. Bob Post lobbied the State Board of Education and Superintendent to realize this wonderful program that was launched statewide in 2013.

Post previously explained, “Veterans and wars have been overlooked in our educational system and it’s important that this history not be overlooked. The goal of doing this was to teach the love of country to our youth.”

McCauley closed by emphasizing, “Simply stated, Bob Post has helped us all in our B-U community and State of West Virginia to be better and happier in many ways, elevating our quality of life. I direct that a permanent placard be placed upon our BEST Bench in Jawbone Park to forever honor and recognize Bob Post and all past and future honorees of our City’s BEST award.”

After receiving the BEST Award, Post said with conviction, “I guess it’s hard to come up with adequate words for these people that have come down here today to honor me with this, but it wasn’t done all by me in any way, shape or form. I just find it to be a very wonderful thing and I hope that the school system never ever lets that go by without including Patriotism and Americanism. Now there are guidelines for the content and the way that it’s done, in terms of the flag, the patriotic music, all the different things that are done in regard to teaching this important information.”

The BEST Award is intended to honor residents of the Buckhannon-Upshur community who perform extraordinary service, while embracing the kind and giving spirit of volunteerism.

Post’s placard joins the other 17 recipients to date, including Amanda Hayes, Zach Mutchler, Robin Keough, Shirley Tinney, Bill Nicholson, Dr. Joe Reed, Dr. Paul Richter, April Keating, Brad and Kim Lincicome, Dr. Kathy Gregg, Stan Rexroad, Rich Clemens, Elks Lodge #1736, Miles Paugh, Create Buckhannon, Allen Nash and the Band of Brothers.


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