I’ve been anxiously awaiting this opportunity to write to you again.  You see, I have this secret that I’ve just been dying to share with someone.  Perhaps a few people know it already, but few of them truly understand.  To be honest, I’m not completely sure I do myself, but if you’ll allow me to unburden myself, perhaps we can figure it out together.

 Doubtless, you’re wondering what my big news is and from what source it came.  Though the source is inconsequential, the secret is profound.  Now, you promise to keep this between us?  If so, lend your ear.  I’ll keep you in suspense no longer.  The little nugget of clandestine information that was so recently whispered in my ear is just this: “Life isn’t fair.”

Can you imagine?!  Can you fathom the impact such a statement could have on our lives if it ever got out?!  We can certainly discuss it, dissect it, even ponder its implications, but we must guard this secret with diligence!  Don’t you agree?

But as I think of it, it couldn’t be trustworthy, could it?  If life isn’t fair, what does that mean for our world?  Does it mean justice is really a fraud?  Couldn’t be!  Do the guilty walk free while the innocent are held captive?  Do the greedy prosper while the generous toil in poverty?  And do good people suffer while evil-doers live lives of comfort?  Are the scales really that out of balance?  Surely it isn’t so!  Surely this secret I’ve received isn’t true!

But what if it is?  What if (shh!) life really isn’t fair

I suppose my first reaction is that I, personally, was never guaranteed life would, in fact, be fair.  From a young age, I may have had illusions that playmates would always share their toys and that there would be no bullies on the playground, but I, like many youngsters, quickly realized that wasn’t the case.  No, life wasn’t fair then, and the playing field hasn’t leveled any since.  A humorist once quipped, “When life gives you lemons, throw them at people you don’t like.”  My only problem with that is, somedays life doesn’t even give me the lemons!

 You can spend your life in pursuit of equity—in fact, many people have and still do.  But I’m not convinced you’ll find it.  And you can divulge our little secret to people far and wide.  But I don’t think you’ll get much sympathy and it likely won’t change a thing.  Or you can live your life with equity towards yourself and others.  You can be fair in business dealings.  You can contend innocence for the accused until guilt is proven.  You can sew seeds of goodness, not ill-will.  You can make life for those around you just a little bit fairer. 

And then what?

Well, unfortunately I’m afraid, life, on the whole, still won’t be fair; inequities will still abound.  But if you keep your mouth shut about out little secret, as I myself plan to do, then perhaps those people in your life you will never be the wiser.

Until next time, mum’s the word!


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