Can you believe it’s been two years ago this month that I first wrote to you?  As we look back on such an occasion, two thoughts usually come to mind.  First, we may say, “Where has the time gone?”  It may seem as though these past two years have merely flown by, but according to my count, I’ve sent you, my dear readers, somewhere around 45 different Porch Swing Point of Views.  In that time, we’ve covered a diverse range of topics from friendship (The Best Ships, 12/27/2019) to community (Sticking Together, 11/28/2018), and from the simplicity of taking a walk (Dusty Sneakers, 4/24/2019) to the age-old question of good vs. evil (Count the Stars, 6/12/2019).  And when you consider all that, it sure doesn’t seem like the time has escaped us as much as we thought.  Time only seems to fly when we don’t take the proper time to reflect, give thanks, and bring to mind the many lessons that another trip around the sun gives occasion to bring.  Only in those quiet moments of contemplation can we find true joy in the passing of time. 

Secondly, such a time as this two-year anniversary of ours also brings to mind this comment: “So much has changed!”  And indeed, it has.  Seasons have changed; the way we travel, shop, interact, and live our lives has changed; and even the day you find my letters to you in this paper has changed from Wednesday to Thursday during the course of these two years.  But how often do we consider what has remained the same?  Family traditions we continue to keep year after year, the love of friends and neighbors, and those comfy, worn-out shoes we just can’t seem to toss.  All those things in our lives that we can rely on are equally important.  We should never forget to give thanks for the constants.  It is far more effective than cursing the change (some of which isn’t that bad, by the way—just take a look at the maple tree outside your window right now). 

In closing, I wish to thank each and every one of you who continue to read this column every two weeks or so.  I hope reading them brings you half as much joy as writing them brings to me.  Your readership and friendship are truly gratifying.  As I’ve told many of you, so long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.  Until next time, from my porch swing to yours, all my best!

(If there is a column you have missed along the way or would like to re-read, feel free to email me at [email protected])


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