People. The human race.  We’re quite an odd group.  An eclectic amalgamation of all walks of life.  And if you doubt that statement, simply take a trip to a mall or a supermarket one day and partake in one of my favorite pastimes, people-watching.  Sit for an hour or so and just watch the people go by.  Old, young, single, couples, blonde hair, brown hair, blue hair.  You’ll see all points along the spectrum from conventional to bizarre.  I promise you will walk away with a “You won’t believe what I saw today…” story or two. 

And as an added bonus, one of the creatures of your observation may even sit down beside you and strike up a conversation.  I hope you’ll invite them to do so, because it is then that you can truly experience the point of this week’s column.  

Like fingerprints, no two people are exactly alike.  Different looks, different personalities, and different outlooks on life.  You’ve likely heard personalities and moods described in terms of color (green with envy, yellow with fear, or feeling blue), but imagine with me how many millions of colors exist throughout the world if each person, each personality, each color is unique—never duplicated.  Fascinating.  Those colors combine to create our world.  They create a picture though which is sometimes not all that pretty to look at, sometimes painful, sometimes hurtful, but also sometimes beautiful.  The picture those colors combine to create is humanity.  It cannot be painted without all those millions of colors being used.  “It takes all kinds” is a truism I’ve never disproved.  

And though some of those colors aren’t always too appealing to us, be careful to guard against making judgements and assumptions, because after years of people-watching, I can assure you that you’ll get it wrong more times than right.  Humanity will surprise you, sometimes in startling ways.  The well-dressed, neat professional may be rude and dismiss you, whereas that blue-haired kid may sit down beside you and teach you more about life than you could ever have imagined.  People-watching without an open-mind is like staring at the sun with no sunglasses:  you’ll get no benefit and it will only hurt your eyes.  But sit back and admire the diversity of our human race and you might just uncover a fascinating facet of our existence.  No two the same, some shiny, some dim, some still rough around the edges—these are the diamonds of daily life.  Perk up, open your ears and your mind, and learn what makes each of us tick, and you’ll walk away as have I on so many occasions with the unshakeable truth—it truly does take all kinds to make the world go ‘round.  Until next time, all my best to you, my friends!


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