Pick your own local grapes for free today!

BUCKHANNON — Bring your own container, along with a food donation for the Parish House, and pick your own locally grown grapes for free Saturday!

Evelyn and Carroll Utt invite everyone to come out to experience this unique opportunity on August 28 at Mountain Memories Vineyard located at 800 Trainer Road, Buckhannon. The community is welcome to pick their own free grapes beginning at 9 a.m. until sunset.

The Utt’s decided to start their own vineyard as a retirement project in 2000 and the grapes have been growing plentifully ever since. Mountain Memories Vineyards specializes in sweet Van Buren grapes, which are a Concord variety and perfect for making jelly, juice or wine.

Evelyn explained their grapes are typically sold to area winemakers; however, their grapes were not in demand this year due to those wineries still having unused supplies from previous years. With limited time, they were unfortunately unable to secure another buyer on such short notice and the Utt’s couldn’t bear to see their grapes go to waste. “At first, we were going to do a “you pick” and pay by the pound, then we thought instead of seeing all these grapes go bad on the vine, let’s open it up to the community and try to make something happen for the Parish House.”

When asked what led to including donations for the Parish House in their event, Evelyn said her sister Eloise Tenney volunteers with the Parish House and their family enjoys the opportunity to help others. “I know they help a lot of people,” Evelyn expressed. “I thought, if we do this, maybe we can help make some good there.” In lieu of payment for any grapes you pick, the Utt’s request that you consider bringing non-perishable food items to help support the Parish House.

Please bring your own containers to collect the free grapes, along with pruning shears and gardening gloves if possible. If you have any questions, call (304) 319-2546.


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