Pat’s Chat "whirlwind"

We are all rather caught in the whirlwind of near panic not knowing whether we can find what we need at our stores! Toilet paper is certainly a necessity in our modern world. But there is something else that is also a necessity in the modern world - school. What will people do who must work outside the home to keep body and soul together, but their children will be home for who knows how long? Wonder if there are enough grannies around to care for the little ones who won’t be in school due to the coronavirus scare.  

Although our church meetings are NOT cancelled, at least not yet, our Fellowship meals are. Last Sabbath it was suggested that we could do sack lunches and eat only our own home germs (they didn’t say that, but that is what I told myself). Well, I was the only person who brought a sack lunch. (A crunchy peanut-butter with crushed pineapple on yummy Ezekiel 4:9 toasted bread, an apple and some Propel to drink.) Not many came to church anyway, so I took my lunch home and shared half my sandwich with Chuck, who I found at my house when I got there. He loved the sandwich (his half). We talked about things we like on our PB sandwiches. One day last week I had put strips of pickled okra with my PB. That was very good. I also like onion on them. I also like a scoop of PB in my oatmeal.

Since it is only a couple of days before St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about that. What I am going to talk about comes from a heart full of love for my Catholic friends. Like some of my Baptist and Methodist friends, I find many of them to be very Christian, Christ-like. Since I don’t think God judges us by what we do or don’t do, but rather by our FAITH in Him and our belief that He died in our place, I truly believe some of my friends are probably better Christians than I am, and our salvation is between us and God. I do think God expects us to be obedient when we understand His will for us, with His help. We are all sinners, saved by grace, by our faith in him. So, though I believe we should keep the seventh day holy because God wrote his Ten Commandment on stone with His own finger, and He say, “I am the Lord, I change not” – I think many people don’t REMEMBER the Sabbath to keep it holy because they have never really learned some of these things and Sunday is a habit, a custom, a tradition, and they have not thought about it at all because it is all they have ever known.  

I looked up several things about St. Patrick on the internet and this is just a tiny bit of what I found. They don’t know for sure his birth date or the date of his death. They think his death might be near March 17. He was not a religious person, might even have been an atheist. But he evidently had many experiences that drew him to Christ, and he became a sort of “missionary” to Scotland and/or Ireland. At one point he was captured by pirates and held captive for a long time. When he was born, all Christian churches kept the seventh-day Sabbath and only began to keep Sunday as a day of rest in about the third century A.D. I think you are going to be surprised what the Catholic Church says about this. So, from what I gathered as I browsed through the many articles I found on the internet, St. Patrick kept the seventh-day Sabbath and never actually became a Catholic or a priest, but he was a very good, humble, dedicated person and led many to Christ, and I believe the church did make him a “saint”.

(I wish someone out there would look it all up and tell me what happened that they could make a saint out of him who evidently never became a Catholic.)  I am not sure I have all this information right but here is a site I visited:  Read it and any others you find.  This next one is really interesting at [email protected]



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