Pat’s Chat "Thanksgiving"

I wonder who gets “thanked” for the many blessings most of us have since many do not believe in God.  Some think Thanksgiving as a holiday is foolish.  They feel the original celebration was based on false fairy tales about the Indians and the Pilgrims.  

I find comfort in the knowledge that comes from believing in God and His goodness to us, in spite of our sometimes ungrateful hearts.  We had a wonderful sermon last Sabbath about Thanksgiving, brought to us by Harold Wightman, a retired pastor who has brought many messages to enrich our lives over the years.

“In everything give thanks” we are told in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. This verse states “IN” everything (or every circumstance), not “FOR” everything.  Like I felt last Wednesday when I lost my balance and fell backwards on the concrete steps as I was leaving church.  I hit the concrete and my head hit the concrete, but gently, not harshly as it could have been.  I was not grateful for losing my balance, which happens more and more often as I close in on my 86th year of life.  You may laugh when I tell you, I think my guardian angel sat me down gently and laid me back till my head touched the concrete stoop.  I really believe that.  In that situation, I am embarrassed (and not thankful) that I am becoming a tottery old woman, but I am so, so thankful that I didn’t break my back or any other bone.

If you really want to learn about being thankful, go to and find a reading that may change your ideas of thankfulness, of praising our Heavenly Father.

So, readers, please have a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday and count your blessings.



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