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The following is a note I received on Facebook from Lisa Crutchfield Spears, the daughter of one of my former grade-school teachers and principal at Burnsville School.  Here is what she wrote: “I wanted to share something in hope that it can help someone else. I consider myself healthy but for the last few weeks I’ve had a slight discomfort in my chest area. It felt like your lungs can feel when you walk in the cold. That’s the only thing I can think to describe it. It was very mild though and not painful. It was intermittent and seemed to happen most of the time when I exerted myself, but not always. I never felt out of breath or even really felt that bad. Since I kept putting off calling the doctor, Mark called (we have the same general practitioner) to see if I could take his appointment that was this past Wednesday. Our doctor said he needed to take me to the ER because my symptoms were concerning. Once at the ER, I was admitted and given test after test over the next several days. My EKG’s were normal. My blood work looked good. I even did great on the treadmill stress test. It was the scanner, which is part of the nuclear stress test, when I was diagnosed with a heart flow problem and a Heart Cath was scheduled. I am still in shock at the results. I had a 90 percent blockage in one of my arteries. I was told I was very lucky I came in when I did. I had a stent put in yesterday and am finally at home with a very grateful heart. Please (and this includes men) if you have the slightest unusual feeling in your chest, arm, leg etc., go and get it checked out. I’m so thankful to Mark for making me. : )  

Then I wrote a message to Lisa, requesting to use her note in my Chat and this was her reply:  “Patricia Wiant Ridpath, Absolutely, please do share. If anyone has any questions on any of the tests I had, I’ll be glad to answer them. I really want people to be aware that symptoms of heart disease can be very subtle, and check-ups are key, especially if you are feeling something out of the ordinary. Thanks for all the good work you do. : )”  Please be aware of your own body and get a check-up when you have out-of-the-ordinary symptoms!  Thank you, Lisa Spears.

Our church experienced a good, old-fashioned Fall Festival Saturday afternoon and evening.  Sheri Sapp and friends decorated the barn beautifully, some of the neighborhood newcomers came to join us, and friends from the Senior Center Singing Seniors helped by bringing their instruments and songs.  The cattle came in from all around, moo-ing along to the fence, getting as close to the party as possible as if asking to be included, or at least given a snack.  A tiny little owl flew in and perched on a “yoke” up on the barn wall to view the happenings for almost the entire evening.  (Jerry Heckert said it was a “yoke.” I thought it was a limb attached to the wall.)  We were blessed with a clear afternoon following the morning rain.  The wind was cool, and it was too windy for us to risk a bonfire.  The soup, chili and hotdogs, chips and dessert warmed us up.  Until sundown, we enjoyed singing, then eating together.  Many went on a hayride on bales of hay in a wagon pulled by a tractor driven by Jerry Heckert.  



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