Pat’s Chat (September 16)

Since I am struggling with knee pain, and because memories of September 11 brought sad feelings, I deliberately looked for a rather recent chat that sparks glorious happy thoughts and feelings, so that I could share with you some very happy memories.

The following Chat was a recent very happy memory, so I hope you won’t be too bored reviewing it. I also wanted to let everyone know that if you want to have a visit from your relatives who live out of town or out of state, they can do what my grandson did, call and rent a house here in this area:

From a 2021 Chat

We had the most joyful surprise last Thursday, June 17. I saw several people getting out of a car in front of our house. I didn’t recognize them at first until they all started climbing out of the car. It was my granddaughter, Laura Bucholtz, and her family from Sarasota, Florida. She had planned this trip, and she convinced her brother, Brian Bucklew from Walkerton, Indiana, to meet them here for a fun time together in and around the Buckhannon area. They could also visit other relatives who live here.

Brian searched the internet and rented a house for his family from Airbnb, a nice, roomy place in Buckhannon. I was surprised at how many nice places are available for rent for short times. They stayed two nights there. Laura Beth and family have taken trips and rented some unusual places, like a tree house, a yurt, log cabins. If you are ever interested in just renting a house or other type of overnight accommodations for a few days, try:

It was wonderful to have children around, having fun, making s’mores on a firepit, playing Scrabble and other board games. All the kids had a Disney movie one night, with gallons of homemade popcorn.

I’ve been to church a couple times for the first time since the pandemic hit. It was good to be in church again. Most people were at Valley Vista Adventist Campmeeting and heard truly dynamic speakers, which some of you may have heard on Facebook, YouTube, or through Zoom. It is an amazing world we live in.

The most difficult time during the weekend of visiting was the goodbyes. I will miss them more since I have seen them, and will think of them now more than ever.



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