Pat’s Chat (September 1)

Frustrations are the story of my life since I’ve had this knee problem. It seems to have messed with my mental abilities as well as my physical abilities. Surgeries are backed up by the doctor, who is going to do my knee-replacement surgery, and he has no openings until the first week of February. They put me on a list for a cancellation appointment. So far, no one has cancelled. When I wrote my chat last week, I somehow accidentally got the “new” Gmail and nothing worked the same as it did before. I lost the whole chat and could not retrieve it, so finally gave up. But I am so glad I found a way to restore the original Gmail, so I am going to try to remember a couple of things to share with you from memory.

First, last Saturday after church, I came home and meant to sit on my lounge chair but I sat on the edge (not seat) of it and ended up flat on the floor. The day was extremely hot and the new flooring felt so cool, I asked my daughter not to try to help me up until I cooled off. A little later she came to help me get up. I cannot without lots of pain, roll over on my knees, and we couldn’t reach Chuck (my son). He had left his cell phone in his truck and was having a cook-out with some friends. It was a dilemma. I remembered how many times the local EMT’s had gotten my sister, Mary Ann Bucklew, up off the floor after sometimes as long as an overnight because she couldn’t reach a phone. I decided we should call 911. In a very few minutes “angels” came - Sherry Woody and Bradley Byers. Oh, how I love them! I am proud of our Emergency Squad.

Second, my most beautiful, smartest, just graduated master’s degree (magna cum laude) granddaughter, Laura Elizabeth (Bucklew) Bucholtz flew to Pittsburgh with her mom, Sandra Desmond, to attend a reunion with their Kupiec relatives. They rented a car and came down to spend two wonderful days with us. (I have only ONE granddaughter, so I can brag on her without hurting others.)

I am sure there are other incidents within the last two weeks that I could share with you, but I cannot remember any of them. I hope everyone has a Happy Labor Day next weekend.

I am going to tell you what my Mom, Allegra Louisa McNemar Wiant, used to tell us (because she hated for people to talk about others). She said, “If you cannot say something good about someone, say nothing at all.”

God bless you, everyone.



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