Pat’s Chat (Sept 10)

As a Seventh-day Adventist, I believe the Bible teaches that there are good Christians in every church, from the mother church to all the daughter churches, but there is a message in Revelation for all of those, in fact for all end-time people, sort of like Noah had for 125 years before the flood came. Only eight people got on the ark and were saved. There will always be LESS people who get ready for these things than those who won’t. Just as the Bible says: “As it was in the times of Noah,” so it will be at His second coming. The end time is upon us and although there are “saved” people in every denomination, including the Catholic Church and on down through all the Protestant churches, there are some very special messages for all of God’s people in the end of time who are in every church to “Come out of her, MY PEOPLE” –  you see, HIS people ARE in every church. (He says so right there, calling them MY people.)  

He has a special message for all the people He loves so much. If any of them refuse, and don't “come out” it will be a fatal choice. That is why we have so many television stations carrying programs about Jesus’ second coming.  Amazing Facts, Hope Channel, 3ABN, Loma Linda, The Voice of Prophecy, Quiet Hour, and many others too! Many Adventist churches have programs going all the time with messages asking other Christians to consider carefully their beliefs and check them out with what the Bible says. Not because we think others are not good Christians, but because God has sent these special messages to all His people through the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

History shows that Protestants protested certain things that the mother church was ignoring, like baptism by immersion for older people who had studied His Word and understood what they are doing (not infants). The Baptist Church took baptism back from the past but didn’t go on to embrace other changes. There were other messages through Luther and the Wesley’s and other reformers, but the churches just seemed to organize after centering on one certain doctrine and didn’t go on with the reformation to find other “missing” pieces, the doctrines that had been changed or lost. The churches sort of STOPPED where they were.

If you read the Bible and go online and get “Reformation” or “Jesus’ 2nd coming” sites and study for yourself, I think you will be surprised at what all we lost from the beginning of the church when Jesus was here the first time. Maybe a review of just the reformation itself would help you. It’s history. The Bible has a special message for us “end-of-time” people. So, with that in mind, some of you may decide to ask the Lord to help you find TRUTH for these latter days, so that we can all get ready to meet the Lord when He comes back for HIS PEOPLE. If you REFUSE to look into this through your own study (there are so many ways online), then perhaps you will NOT be among those who are ready for Jesus when He comes back real soon. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor and investigate this and pray deeply for God to tell you what to do. I think He will tell you because He loves you and wants you to read and heed His Word, no matter what tradition or doctrine you may find that is difficult to part with. Revelation 14:12 and on tell us something about it, with verse 12 describing those who haven’t received the mark of the beast and are ready for His coming. It is your faith which is like Jesus’ faith, “the faith OF Jesus” and not our works that save us. If you have that “faith” it means you have Jesus IN you, so you will be like Him, following what He would do. The first four commandments show us how to love God supremely and the last six show us how to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Jesus says, “If you love me, you WILL keep my commandments.”

The new covenant says He puts the laws into our hearts and so they become a part of us, and we will naturally follow them after a while of “beholding Jesus and becoming changed.” It is He who changes our hearts, so we become more like Him. It is not WE who are doing it, but He who is in us. Does that make us perfect? In God’s eyes it does. What He sees in judging us is Christ’s righteousness, not our fumbling, stumbling, unchristlike behavior. But as long as Jesus is in us, His Righteousness saves us. So, please search it out or search online or call us and ask for information on whatever subject may be troubling you. Call (304) 472-0962 and leave a message asking for information on whatever subject from the Bible about which you have questions. 

We are proud of Sheri-Lyn Sapp, who is a member of our Seventh-day Adventist Church in Buckhannon.  She plays the organ or piano for our services, types our weekly church bulletin and so many other projects and activities to help our church services run smoothly. She works in the Deli at Walmart and we are proud that she was chosen as Walmart Associate of the Month for August 2020. Michelle Mills wrote on Walmart’s Facebook News and Event site: “Shout out to Sheri-Lyn who strives to do her best with every task, and she does everything with enthusiasm and excitement, especially when learning something new.”  Be sure to congratulate her when you see her.   



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