Pat’s Chat (October 28)

Some activities have increased the attendance to our services at the Seventh-day Adventist church here in Buckhannon. Being Pastor Appreciation Month, the beautiful Sheri Sapp, who is so much help to me and takes most of the pictures I use, had made sure that our new pastor, Daniel Venegas and his wife, Samantha were recognized. Gifts included tee shirts to announce that they are now officially West Virginians. Many folks attended both last week and this week, who had been missing due to Covid and illnesses, etc., including George and Charlotte Erwin, Fred Seeley, Rose Brown, and Mary Stauffer.

I am hoping to be going back to church soon. We are very careful at our church, with masks and distancing, and hand sanitizers everywhere! Also, we have had no pot lucks or anything like that, so I believe I would have been safe at church, but my kids are watching the news and will let me know when they think it is safe for their ancient mother (with a few infirmities) to safely attend again. Without their constant care for me, I probably would never have missed church at all. I would have gone with my mask and restrained myself from hugging, etc., for safety. AND I probably would have gotten Covid, and I would have missed some church anyway. I prepare for church every Friday and dress for church every Sabbath morning to meet with my church family virtually. I am so glad we have that possibility in this technological age, and I just don’t want to add worry on to my sweet children. They are my dearest treasures.

Yesterday afternoon, we were all sadly thankful to help the Heckert family celebrate the life of their husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend-to-many, Gerald Allen Heckert, known to most of his children as “Pap” or “Pappy” and to most of us as “Jerry.” Jerry was beautifully honored with a full military service by the United States Air Force and the Upshur County Honor Guard. Jerry’s family and friends provided touching and humorous tales of Jerry, which we all enjoyed. Rick Cutright, who has been Jerry’s pastor for many years, spoke fondly about his friendship with Jerry and our new pastor provided a good message for everyone. Pat Boyle Funeral Home provided a beautiful brochure with pictures we will want to keep. It was a beautiful celebration.

A Work Bee was held last Sunday and that brought many members and their various tools to the church to clean up the flower beds, take the church sign down to make room for the new one, and even clean out the gutters, I noticed. One of our sweet members has been taking care of the flowers mostly by herself for years. Betty Gerath is a main stay at our church, a lovely and devoted worker who not only cared for the flower beds, but would teach classes, and do rostrum duty like prayer, announcements, Scripture reading, Sabbath School superintendent, and I don’t know how many other hats she wore. A great worker, a great helper. I really miss seeing her in the virtual meetings. I hope she gets back soon. I was not able to move well enough to be help to them last week, so I just stopped at Taco Bell and got some bean burritos and individual orange juices for the workers. I did NOT expect to find as many workers as I did, though, so many of you who worked at the church did NOT get a burrito and/or juice, so if you will just let me know and I will bring you a burrito and juice to church next time you are going to be there and want it, work bee or not. My number is (304) 472 5102. Leave a message if I am not at home.



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