Pat’s Chat (October 22)

It has been several weeks since I have written a chat or anything else since my most recent fall, when I broke my sacrum. I am not going to bore you with the misery of pain, but today is really the first time I have sat down at my computer. I hated not writing you all and letting you in on the news, but I physically could not do it.

This is the second try to write a chat and hope that I can remember a few things. It will be short and if you have questions, maybe I can satisfy your curiosity… I hurt my knee a few years or so ago and I learned from x-rays that I have bone-on-bone in my right knee and arthritis and I was given an appointment for six months later, on February 18. I am on a list to get an earlier appointment if there is ever a cancellation, but so far the surgery is still set for February 18.

The pain has been awful and I had to learn to walk with a walker. I had some good physical therapy at St. Joseph’s and then most recently a couple of weeks of therapy at the beautiful Encompass site.

My biggest problem now is that I have fallen three times. I have been hospitalized three times and been going for health therapy, at a place that is as beautifully situated as any spa or scenic site, at UHC Encompass. My room on the seventh floor there faced toward the west and this was soon after IAN hurricane had gone through. The skies were so beautiful, especially the sunsets. It was heavenly. I am now doing ongoing therapy with West Virginia Health Care a couple of days a week in my home and the kids make sure I do all the exercises a couple of times a day when no therapist is there to help.

My church has on-going activities that you are welcome to learn about and attend. Information can be found if you look up The Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church website. The number for their programs is 96120157208 on Zoom. They have activities to which you are invited. I thoroughly enjoyed a talk yesterday by our pastor’s wife, Samantha, about abuse in our modern-day society. I was interested that she said to be sure to tell the victim of abuse that, “It is not your fault.” She had us all repeat the phrases that she suggested several times. And then she said with few exceptions, you should never repeat what you are told until the victim is ready to report it. You can hear this talk if you go on Zoom or The Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist web site and look for October 15 program.

God has answered many of your prayers for me. I no longer have pain all the nights, in fact mostly none.

Maybe next week I can be more “with it” to write a better chat. I have missed you.



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