Pat’s Chat (Oct. 15)

Happy Halloween!  Here’s a Halloween song from the 40s that I learned in the Burnsville Grade School:

“Witches on brooms
With cats and bats
Ride 'round after dark
In their pointed black hats.
How spooky the noises
On Halloween night,
And then through the window
We see a strange light.”

(If you are interested in the two or three other verses of the song and find out what the “strange light” was, you can find it, with the music, here:  Our teacher, Autumn Amos, taught music to us from First Grade through High School.  All twelve grades at our school were in the same building.  It was wonderful to have such an opportunity because it was so much fun, and I got to sing in choir, play in the school band (saxophone, then later the trumpet, because our trumpet players graduated and Miss Amos taught me and another student the trumpet to fill in.)  Many of us started playing in the band in the 6th grade because there were not enough high-school students to do it all.  That helped me learn notes and time signatures and even the piano keyboard before we had a piano in our home. Finally, when I was 15 or 16, I took piano lessons.

Trick or Treat was always exciting at our house when I was growing up.  My mom, Allegra McNemar Wiant, would make candy, popcorn balls, cocoa, and other treats that Burnsville kids looked forward to every year.

Many churches and schools prefer a non-scary celebration that focuses on Fall themes and omits witches, ghosts and goblins.  The Buckhannon Christian School we had for a few years was taught by Bonnie Cutright.  She understood how much the children liked to dress up, so she planned programs that included special outfits for the students who would tell the story of historical or Biblical people and the students dressed for the part to match their presentations.  Sometimes they would prepare food to match their characters or country they were portraying.  Then we would have a party afterwards.  I miss our school and I hope that we can have a Christian school again in the future.

Because of COVID-19, the City of Buckhannon suggests that anyone not wanting to give out candy should leave their porch light off.  Hopefully, next year will be better.




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