Pat’s Chat (Nov. 5)

We had several bits of bad news today.  I got a call this morning from my niece, Teresa Wiant, that her dad, my brother, Harry Wiant, Jr., (Sonny to most of us) had died.  He had come out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago to Teresa’s home on Hospice.  They had fixed his bed in their family room or living room that had many windows, giving view of trees and nature.  He seemed comfortable there.  Due to problems he had since an earlier stroke, he had a short-term memory deficit, but with his brother, Sam, his sister Mary Ann, and me, we had many conference calls.  We remembered old times, fun times, funny times, we sang a little, prayed some and we were happy to know he was never in pain.  They gave him 3 to 5 days, but we had more than that.  In spite of all of this memory loss, he never lost his sense of humor.  He was always glad to hear from us.  And we were so happy that he was never in pain. 

Also, other Burnsville High Alumni who died this week that I know of are Ralph McDougal and Lawrence Conley.  It is unbelievable.

The good news is that Mary Ann and Sammy are doing well in spite of some problems with falling and walking.  Mary Ann lives within a mile of me.  Sammy lives in New Market, Virginia and his daughter, Angela, lives close by.

I have not been to church for many weeks.  It was always in my DNA to go to church on Sabbath mornings (as long as I lived in a place that was no more than 50 miles or so away from an Adventist church. When my own kids were small, we had our own Sabbath Schools in the mountains of California, beside rivers, lakes, etc.  If we were close to a church, I helped with my grandchildren in Sabbath School.  I taught adult classes later.  I played the piano, worked in different departments.  You can imagine I am probably missing some of these activities because here I am not as agile as I once was, you would think I would be unhappy. No, I am not.  I am too busy.  I have been writing these columns since I lived in Burnsville 30 or 40 years ago, first as Burnsville News, then now as Pat’s Chats.  For one thing, I am slower at everything, so it takes longer.  Not being in church is because I do not want to be in crowds.  Robin and I have settled into a routine that works for us and with Zoom and other ways to meet with church members virtually, I am happy.  I like the Zoom get togethers, the online conference calling, even the talks and prayers with other members via phone.

There are many wonderful series of programs available online.  Revelation NOW is wonderful, from Amazing Facts.  There are any number of Sabbath School Classes available.  I can study with any number of great teachers any time of the night or day.  3ABN, Voice of Prophecy, Loma Linda University, It IS Written with John Bradshaw.  We have some special series coming up which I don’t have all the information on yet.

Stay safe and well, everyone.




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