Pat's Chat (Nov. 25)

Thanksgiving has always, in the last few years, meant that great grandchildren would visit with their parents, some from Florida, more from northern Indiana. I am thankful that one of the mamas who got COVID-19 has recovered and is no longer isolated in her room. I am thankful that the parents of my great-grandchildren opted to stay home this year. I am thankful that we can look forward to next year when we will most surely have a vaccine and can visit freely, if all goes well.

I am thankful that my grandchildren will not be traveling from Florida and Indiana and will celebrate at home and share pictures with us.

I am thankful that my siblings are well, and none have gotten COVID. I am thankful that my precious, beloved brother, Sonny, died peacefully without pain and most of all, that he kept his sense of humor to the very last. My other brother, Sam, and my sister, Mary Ann, though they both have issues with their health, are doing well enough not to have to be in the hospital. At our present ages, that is a plus. For that. I am thankful.

Our in-laws, thankfully, have no serious problems that I know of, and I have so many wonderful cousins and other relatives that bring me joy with their positive reports, cute jokes and enjoyable reports.

I am so thankful for the many Indian-summer days we have been having. I am so glad for all the beauty He brings to our world and that Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that, “He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.”

I am thankful that God is taking care of things and is in charge, so when things seem overwhelming, I am so very thankful that God answers prayers for all these loved ones. I am so thankful that He created us with power of choice and most of all, I am thankful for His plans are to prosper us. If I get upset about something going on with my love ones or myself, I must try to remember that He is there and in control, though it may not look like it. We cannot always see the angels that guide us when the night is dark and rainy, and we miss a turn driving, and the many other situations when I know He has guided this nearly 87-year-old child of His through dangerous situations, I am ever so thankful. It is only when I have forgotten these things that fear or discouragement can weaken my faith in His love.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. When things look bad, find something to be thankful for.



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