Pat's Chat (Nov. 19)

There are a couple of things that brought me joy recently.  The first thing is the virtual evangelistic series that has begun, starting right here in West Virginia at our church, as well as throughout the Conference.  The series is Unsealing the Mysteries of Daniel, with one of my favorite speakers, Mark Finley.  I just finished watching the third episode this evening.  There are seven more waiting in the wings - one each evening for 10 evenings.  So far, they keep me on the edge of my seat.  I especially enjoyed the third in the series yesterday evening.  I want all of you to decide to watch at least one of the episodes.

If you decide to watch only ONE of the unsealingdaniel episodes, watch Number 2 Psychics versus Prophets.  It is number 2 in the series and the best so far, I think.  I would like to go back and listen to it again where a group of Kremlin leaders who had seen the episode and were the ones who attacked Afghanistan awhile back.  The biggest guy ran up to Mark Finley and hugged him and said something like, “Thank you, thank you.  If we in Russia don’t get back to God, we are going to lose our country.” 

You will see where he spoke to a full stadium, thousands of people.  If you register, they will send you updates.  I saw comments when I was on last night’s program from Australia and other nations and other states.  To watch, it would be better for you to go to and register, so that you would get emails letting you know what is coming next.

For those of you who are Burnsville High School Alumni or anyone who is from Burnsville, I know many of you enjoyed his talks as MC at our yearly reunions.  Sonny (Harry Wiant, Jr.) died about two weeks ago, just five days short of his 88th birthday on November 4th.  Although we miss him, all of us, and perhaps some of you will enjoy the stories, pictures, songs (many of which he wrote) that are included in the virtual memorial that is in the works.  Teresa Wiant, his daughter, lives in Mercer Island, close to Seattle, with her husband and two sons, Graham and Camden.  They live about three miles from Aljoya where Sonny lived.  Because of Covid-19 and the distance across the continent from us, most of us would never be able to attend the regular services, so she is diligently putting together the lovely memorial.  It was very difficult for her to go to her dad’s place and take care of everything.  There is no family close by to help her but some of her friends helped her do it.  One of the things she found was a little red hatchet that might have been the one Sonny got for Christmas many years ago.  I remember that he came over to my and Mary Ann’s bed from his and Sammy’s bed and begged me to tell him what he was getting for Christmas.  He kept begging until I finally said that I would if he would promise not to tell.  I remember I was already downstairs in the living room the next morning when he came running down the stairs saying, “Where’s my hatchet?  Where’s my hatchet.”  I remember feeling myself blush.  He used that hatchet (or a similar one) to chase us girls when they and some of the neighbors visited.  He said he was going to cut our heads off.  The girlfriends still remained our friends in spite of that, even when they no longer got chased.

Teresa said I could send out the site address for any of you who might like to trigger a few wonderful memories of days gone by.  Just go to the following site for obituary, memorial service, pictures, songs, etc.  I hope you will donate to a fund set up for a Harry V. Wiant, Jr. Scholarship.





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