Pat’s Chat (May 26)

I am so delighted that I can report to you that the Memorial Service for my sister is over and was so successfully completed. Going into it, I had no idea what I should do or how, so I can just praise the Lord that it happened so beautifully. I could not have done it without the help of my own sweet family, Mary Ann’s family, my church family, and especially Barry Scott of Helvetia for getting the video done so well, Mary Stauffer and Alma Heckert, Ann Lowther, Mary Cutlip for coordinating the luncheon after the service, Pastor Daniel Venegas for the life sketch and retired pastor Rick Cutright and his wife, Bonnie Cutright for her constant support and some of the special music and the uplifting, hopeful sermon, for Roy and Lois Waybright for their constant friendliness to all my relatives and to visitors, plus the Williams family children with their captivating music. Even some of Mary Ann’s caretakers joined us in celebrating Mary Ann’s life. Mary Ann’s legacy for loving to sing lives on through her four great-grandchildren, Crew, Aven, Reeve and Adah. Since Mary Ann had donated her body to science, Heavner and Cutright Funeral Home added some professional touches by helping me get the obituary in papers and providing the funeral brochures and register. Their help and all the others made the task more pleasant.

I also want to thank all of you who have sent donations to Mary Ann’s beloved church in her honor, in lieu of flowers or food.

Sheri Sapp, always helpful, has provided a picture of some of the relatives of Mary Ann who attended the service.

Standing in the back row (L to R) are Greg, husband of Lindsey (granddaughter), Amy (daughter) and husband Bill Conway, Bruce Bucklew (son), Laura Boehmer (granddaughter) and her fiancé, Jessica Boehmer (granddaughter), Ed Boehmer (son-in-law), Ashley Williams (granddaughter) and her husband Andrew, Ryan Bucklew (grandson), Daniel Venegas (pastor).

Seated are Carol Wine Bucklew (daughter-in-law), Cheryl Robin Bucklew (niece), Pat Ridpath (sister), Kim (daughter-in-law who accompanied children on piano). Children are Crew, the oldest, Aven, Reeve and the youngest, Adah (great-grandchildren). (I find it interesting that there are two distinctly brunettes and two distinctly blonds).



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