Pat’s Chat May 21

Another week of quarantine.  Many (someone said 20) members attended the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sabbath (Saturday).  They were in skipped pews by families, I think.  The Sabbath School lesson was taught from the pulpit with videos online, taught by Elder Harold Wightman, starting at 10:30 a.m.  Then after a short break, the morning worship started with Elder Bill Elmer calling for the offering and reminding all of us who were listening online to send in our tithes and offerings.  Elder Wightman called for prayer requests from the online folks as well as those in the sanctuary.  Then, Pastor Rick Cutright brought the morning message.  Those of us online on Zoom and could see each other as well as the speakers, each of us in our own “frame” on the television screen.  In our business meeting last week, we had voted to purchase a switcher and camera to help make our video presentations better.  We want to continue them even after our pandemic crisis so that our members who are unable to attend church will have the option of joining us each Sabbath.  Perhaps we will even do the Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings, and our beautiful meditations with Bonnie Cutright, (our Pastor’s wife) on Tuesday evenings, both of which we do online.  

I have found lots of good articles in AARP Special Pandemic Issue 2020.  I especially like the one where NASA astronaut Sunita Williams offered wisdom she gained from her 322 days orbiting earth.  Some people complain about being lonely in their isolated quarantine.  She says her extraterrestrial adventures uniquely prepared her to weather this scenario. 

BE CONSIDERATE – get to know those who are also isolating like she did when she opened a food container and it has one serving of lasagna.  She remembered that her crewmate likes lasagna, so she decided not to eat it herself.  “Being caring was critical in our mission.”  Don’t forget to check in daily to see how others are doing.

KEEP IT CLEAN – In space, they had to be extra clean to avoid getting sick.  That is important to us now.  She said to clean daily and to deep-clean, especially bathrooms, weekly - keeping you and loved ones safe.

SELF-ISOLATE – AS NECESSARY – Take it seriously to keep you and your loved ones safe.

REACH OUT TO FAMILY & FRIENDS – As an astronaut they always made time to call home and check on folks on earth.  She suggested using Zoom and FaceTime or whatever technology because it is as important to you as it is to those you are reaching out to.

EXERCISE! – Sit and be Fit on TV is one I think you could use if you cannot take a walk every day.

SAY “I LOVE YOU” – She says, “I’m a hugger.”  Since we cannot do that now, find a different way to say, “I Love you” to others who are also isolating.

For myself, I like meditating on things, like the Earth before God went to work on it.  When He (all three of Them, actually) decided what to do.  “Before the Great Flood, the earth came from the hand of the Creator exceedingly beautiful.  There were mountains and hills and plains; and interspersed among them were rivers and bodies of water.  The earth was not one extensive plain, but the monotony of scenery was broken by hills and mountains, not high and ragged as they now are, but regular and beautiful in shape.  The bare, high rocks were never seen upon them, but lay beneath the surface, answering as bones to the earth.  The waters were regularly dispersed.  The hills, mountains, and very beautiful plains were adorned with plants and flowers, and tall majestic trees of every description, which were many times larger and much more beautiful than trees now are.  The air was pure and healthful, and the earth seemed like a noble palace.  Angels beheld and rejoiced at the wonderful and beautiful works of God,” from the book, Lift Him Up, p. 47.  I love to think about that  and the fact that when God brings His people from Heaven to inhabit the Earth, cleansed of all contamination and other results of man, it will again be as it was before, as described above, and that is where we will live throughout eternity.  Jesus is coming back soon.  That is what I like to meditate on in special moments during isolation.




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