Pat’s Chat (May 13)

Mother’s Day brought wonderful memories of past good times. My children and grandchildren made sure I had a happy day. Chuck and Pam brought lunch and ate with me, I got calls from Laura Beth (it was too late for Otto) Saturday evening, then Brian and his children, Alexander, Jack and Julia May today. 

My daughter-in-law, Carol (Scott’s wife) is recuperating from a heart attack two or three weeks ago. My niece, Suzanne, is home from the hospital after her heart problems put her in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and congestive heart failure will have to be dealt with medically for some time. In spite of all this, it has been a good day. 

Praise the Lord, we all have escaped Covid-19 except Brian’s wife, Rebecca Jo. She has had it without infecting her three children and husband, for which I am thankful. She still has problems at times with shortness of breath and chest pain. Covid-19 is not fun to deal with and I am thankful to God for vaccines.  

We have not all returned to church services yet, but I am just trying to practice the piano once in a while so I can help with music once we get back to church. I watch the church service online, the last two Sabbaths with Mary Ann on her computer. We eat lunch together, too.

I went online to view some very interesting videos from Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor. These can be seen any place in the world and have several translations available as well as American Sign Language on one set on the series is called “Revelation Now” and has about 20 videos. They were recorded a few weeks ago live, but we get them now from the archives. Go to and look for your choice.

Here is a list of most of the videos available for “Revelation Now” series. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Revelation’s Coming Rapture, Earth’s Last Empire, Did God create a Devil? The Unchangeable Law, The Magnificent Kingdom, The Rest of Our Work, Richest Caveman, Bewitching Spirits, The final Firestorm, The Devil’s Dungeon, Cleansing the Sanctuary, Born in a River, Bowing to the Beast, Marked for Death, The woman of Truth, Daughter’s Deadly Dance, Babylon’s Buffet, The King’s Ambassador, The goal of the Godly.

Now, just go online to and look around to see what is available. The videos are very interesting.



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